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Religious TV shows

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There are lots of specifically based religious shows on television today. Specifically religious shows are anything based purely on a religion and their beliefs. If a member of the royal family died or got married, the service would be broadcasted around the world and shown on all major channels, also if a famous religious figure dies there funeral will also take over the major channels. This happens because we are a Christian country and the people mentioned above are figure heads of the Christian church. As a Christian country, when it is a Christian festival I.e. Easter, Christmas services would be transmitted from churches/cathedrals. These shows are broadcast for people who are housebound for whatever the reason might be. Late at night some channels may also broadcast other services from other religions during special festivals i.e. diwiali. These are shown late at night as it would be a minority that would watch these shows. ...read more.


The time that this was shown suggests that only a small minority of people watched this. Marrying A Stranger ( Channel 4 11pm-12am ) This is yet again another documentary focusing on Islam. This time it looks in to the Muslim custom of arranged marriage. This is a topic a lot of people are ignorant about. However yet again the time it was shown suggests that not many people would watch it. Silver Ring Thing ( BBC 1 after 9pm ) This documentary is based on very strict Evangelical Christians in America. They believe that children should be abstinent until they are married. This documentary would interest more people as teenage sex is a topic in which is of a lot of interest to both older and younger generations. The documentary shows their views as old fashioned but the teenagers are eager to prove that they are just as normal as any teenager. ...read more.


Another religious show is the Big Question, this recently replaced the Heaven and Earth show. The Big Questions also looks into moral issues as well as religious issues and is much more topical. Like Songs Of Praise the Big Questions changes location each week to enable members of the public to go along and give their point of view. They usually include a selection of people from certain religions. In the episode we saw there was a priest, vicar and an Imam. This allows the general public to see the viewpoints of different religions on moral and religious issues. There aren't many religious shows on televisions, because there aren't many religious people. The majority of religious people in the United Kingdom tend to be older and are much more likely to go to church. However if there was an increase of religious people in the United Kingdom I am sure we would also see an increase of religious shows broadcasted on TV. ...read more.

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