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religous belief

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Religious belief The numinous is the occasion that gives the impression that sometimes leads to belief in the supernatural, a religious belief or anything else that the occasion is about. Conversion is the adoption of new religious or any type of belief that differs from the convert's previous beliefs; in some cultures (e.g. Judaism) conversion also signifies joining a group as well as adopting its religious beliefs. Miracle comes from the old Latin word miraculum meaning 'something wonderful, in many so-called miracles Nature has been modified by a powerful process. People in different faiths have substantially different definitions of the word miracle. Even within a religion there is often more than one use of the word. Prayer is an effort to communicate with spirit, God, Saints, either to offer praise, to make a request, confess sins, or simply to express one's thoughts and emotions. The words of the prayer may either be a set hymn or incantation, all in the prayers own words. ...read more.


Many things can cause conversion. Mostly are caused by the environment around a person. Friends from a different religion can make a person change their religion or convert them. Children are also force fed their religion by their parents, school. These people force the individual into their religion and not let them have choice it the religion they believe in. The child grows up and they have their own choice in these matters they many think that their religion is wrong, they then have no religion and then find one to find what they like. Many priests try to convert people to their religion by preaching to them if the priest succeeds in converting someone the priest has led an individual to believe in God. Miracles are many of the reasons that people start to believe in God. They believe that the action they just saw was a sign, message or miracle caused by God. ...read more.


Schools are one of the most heavily affected areas of our world that is influenced by religion. Religion enriches our lives by tell us what we can be taut at school what we do and many other things. Religion gives people something to live for, it gives them purpose in life, something to live for. For the community religion is what the community is built around, the church is mostly the centre point for a village town or any other settlement. Religion can also separate a community and divide humans. Many things, much of it by people's religious beliefs, course racism. I have heard of whole communities being split by religious beliefs. Much conflict and wars are over religious beliefs. Killing many people this killing causes huge distress for people. Terrorists are caused by religious wars and then events like 9/11 are caused killing many people and spreading terror. I feel that religious believe do enrich people's lives if it is a passive belief. Also if people are sensible and allow people to have their own beliefs and not complain that it is different to their own. ...read more.

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