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Religous cosmology cw

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RAMONE HAYDEN RELIGOUS COURSEWORK 11K Cosmology is the study of the origin and structure of the universe. There are two main types of cosmologies religious and scientific. In religion, the Christian cosmology at the start of the bible, Genesis chapter 1 and 2 although slightly different teach that God created the universe. In Genesis chapter 1 God created the earth in 6 days. On day 1 he created heaven and earth and light and dark. Day 2 he separated the earth from the sky. On day 3 he created dry land, plants and trees. On day 4 he made the sun, the moon, and all of the stars. On day 5 he created all fish and birds and on the last day (day 6) he created Humans and all the other animals. In genesis chapter 2 which is slightly different from chapter 1 there is more on the creation of humankind. In chapter 2 God created the heavens and the earth then he formed man from dust in the earth and breathed life into him his name was Adam. After that god made trees grow out of the ground and made what was called the Garden of Eden. God then put Adam in the garden but then thought he would be lonely so he created birds and animals and told Adam to name them. The birds and animals weren't helpful enough for Adam so God put Adam to sleep removed one of his ribs and from that rib created woman (Eve). ...read more.


This scientific cosmology clearly contradicts the religious Christian and Muslim cosmologies. A big contradiction between the scientific and religious cosmologies is the time it took to create the universe. Science says that the universe was created about 15 billion years ago. In religion (Christianity) no one is certain of the date exactly but there have been at least 200 dates suggested, varying from 3483 to 6934 years B.C., all based on the supposition that the Bible enables us to settle the point. But it does nothing of the sort. ... The literal interpretation has now been entirely abandoned; and the world is admitted to be of immense antiquity. On such questions we have no Biblical evidence, as to why which the Catholic Christians are quite free to follow the teaching of science. Another contradiction is the order in which things were created and who or what started the universe... Religion (Christianity) says that God created the universe and this world, then the animals and humans. Science suggests that we evolved over a long period of time (millions of years) and that the universe was just matter and gas that combined and exploded with the force of gravity pulling the earth together to make the earth. Another contradiction between the two of them is the idea that humans are the subject of evolution. The religious cosmologies like in Christianity and Islam say that God created humans with the first being Adam and the second Eve and they reproduced to make more humans and so on... ...read more.


Thus if, for example an experiment could be conducted to prove or disprove the existence of a god, a religious person already believes that there is a god and so would not be suitable to conduct the experiment, then again an atheist also knows that there is no god, so perhaps an agnostic would be best to conduct such an experiment. A scientist is a human being with feelings as well as ordered thoughts, and as religion is based upon feelings rather than observations of the real universe it is perfectly possible for a true scientist to be religious. However that doesn't make a true scientist a great scientist. Science requires the ability to ask questions, to gather evidence without prejudice, to test hypotheses and to present the results of experiments and enquiries without bias. No religion or religious belief can stand up to that level of rigorous investigation, so any good scientist choosing to subject their religious belief to a test via scientific method should find their belief wanting. As human beings however, those scientists with religious beliefs do not choose to test their faith so rigorously, which means they can continue to practice religion and science simultaneously. There have been great scientists who also professed religious beliefs like Einstein and Darwin, but it wasn't their faith that made them great scientists - it was their adherence to scientific method. ...read more.

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