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Resolving Conflict - Christianity.

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Fiona Clarke 11TJC. Resolving Conflict. Page 1. Some Christians believe that Capital Punishment is right. They believe that people should get punished for what they have done to someone else e.g. if they have killed someone they should be killed as well. In the bible this principle is described as "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." Although this theory seems fair it wont solve any problems because whoever was murdered wont be able to come back alive once they have killed the person that did it so there isn't much point. This theory could also be good because why should they get away with murder while the family that has lost a member has to suffer? There are many reasons why people want to commit a crime. Some people are greedy and want more than they already have but don't want to pay for it. E.g. they want a piece of jewellery but they can't afford it or they just don't want to pay for it so they take it without paying. ...read more.


if there were two cars that had gone over the speed limit, one that had had too much to drink and another taking someone to the emergency hospital, they shouldn't both get the same Fiona Clarke 11TJC. Page 2. punishment. Christians believe that we should aim to help and heal them, not to pay them back. The other principle of punishment is the principle to deter them. This principle is trying to get the people that cause trouble on the streets away from everybody else. E.g. football hooligans should be locked in jail away from harming other people. If there is a big football match on either here or in a different country then the police do checks on the people wanting to go and watch the football matches. So if someone has already been arrested or has had a warning about their behaviour then they can't watch the match because they could do it again. This helps the safety of the other football supports that can go and watch the match without being in any danger. ...read more.


I think that if you break the law or you break rules you should be punished for what you have done and you should never be allowed to do the thing again. If someone has been killed why should they get away with it by just having a few years in prison. They should suffer the same way as their victim did because they shouldn't get away with it. In another point of view Jesus told us that you should always forgive someone once because they can change. I don't think this because if you have killed someone once you have got the power and the courage to do it again. Other Christians believe what Jesus said because someone may break the law do their punishment and they may of learnt their lesson so it's not easy to decide if someone has learnt their lesson or not. Some people break the law and get away with it and others have to face the punishment so why should one be punished and not the other because no-one will do something once and then never have the courage to do it again. ...read more.

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