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Response To My Interview With an Indian Person

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RESPONSE TO MY INTERVIEW WITH AN INDIAN PERSON I set up an interview with an Indian person (female) to research her responses to various questions on racial discrimination. I found her responses very shocking, sometimes I feel annoyed. In question 1 I asked "Have you ever been discriminated against in the street or in school?" she answered yes. I expected this as there are many accounts of racial attacks in my community as I expected not to have been discriminated against. Unfortunately it was true. In question 2 when I asked "were you ever discriminated against when you started school?" she said she didn't know. In schools many people think discrimination is not expected but I have in the past heard many negative comments being thrown at people from an ethnic minority group whilst walking between classes and at lunch. ...read more.


In question 3 I asked if she had ever been discriminated against at a job interview and she told me no. she also added that they were extremely interested in her Indian background and made her very welcome. I was relieved at this answer, but there may be employers in the future when other employers will not be as nice to her. In question 4 I asked "What do you feel like doing when people say things about the colour of your skin?" She responded that she felt like giving racist remarks back. This was disappointing as it clearly shows that theses people really affected her mentally and she feels like going to their level and using foul language against their skin colour. ...read more.


In question 6 when interviewed she said she had in the past been judged by her racial background both in school and out. It seems to me that the people in Northern Ireland are making this girl's life as hard as they possibly can. In question 7 when I asked whether she feels intimidated/uncomfortable in a place where the people are mainly white she responded yes. This is to be expected ad she was made to feel uncomfortable and isolated when she first moved tour country she may carry these feelings the whole way through her life- time. Only we can change those feelings, she cannot do it alone. In question 8 she revealed that she would like to go to a school where everyone is from the same ethnic background. This conveys her isolation by the people in her school. She wants and needs somewhere where she can feel equal. ...read more.

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