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Right – Wrong / True – False / Reality – Perjury

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Carey Greiner Hst 101 September 28, 2001 Right - Wrong True - False Reality - Perjury From the beginings of time story telling has been essential in establishing customs and civilizations. From these passed on customs and civil duties, have come societies' way of viewing the world and their places in it. A couple of these influential stories can be found in the Epic of Gilgamesh and in the first book of the Bible - Genesis. Each of the compiled documents portrays a great flood that wiped out the Earth's human and animal inhabitants, spare the few survivors, Noah and Gilgamesh and their respective passengers. Each accounting of the immense flood has some differences in details of the event. ...read more.


The Amount of time it took to build the boats and the sizes of each boat also varied. Other variances become apparent when the two stories are compared back to back. Including Noah's Ark being floated when "the flood waters increased and lifted up the Ark"; And Gilgamesh's boat being launched then loaded before the torrential rains began to pour out of the heavens.B One of the more important differences definitely tends to affect the stories portrayal of culture and society's worldview. The deity in the Genesis account is the one and only God. Hebrews who wrote the book of Genesis believed that the God Yahweh was the omnipotent God, and shared his throne with no other. ...read more.


Comparing ourselves to perfect deities and their judgment causes people to weigh their actions and their vast ramifications. This important determination shapes laws, governments, and other aspects of society that concern every individual in it. The way both stories relayed the idea of paying homage and offering up sacrifices is also an important similarity that would communicate meaning about 'human to god' relations, to anyone who read or heard the stories. Societies views have been deeply formed by these and many others written documents. Besides our Faith and personal beliefs we can use judgment and historical evidence to determine the reality of our Universe. Some facts have not been discovered that will help us see, for once and all, our place in creation. Until then we should use all the available sources of information (as people have from the beginning of time, I suppose) to form our worldviews. ...read more.

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