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Rites of Passage: Marriage

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Dominic Devlin Rites of Passage: Marriage Section One Marriage is a complicated issue. Different religions and denominations have different ways and traditions of the simple task of bonding two people together, in the spiritual and legal sense. This part of the assignment looks at the meanings of rituals and vows during weddings and how they affect peoples attitudes towards marriage and divorce. The underlying theme of marriage is the couples desire to join more fully, love each other and live together. The most crucial part of this is a stable and permanent relationship. Permanence is an important and recurring theme throughout the fabric of marriage. This is represented in the service numerous times. Most notably in the exchange of wedding rings. This is a custom in all Christian marriages except for the Quakers, the Quakers feel that there is no need for an outward show of the promises. These rings are exchanged to represent the couples marriage and love. Just as a ring does not end, so should the marriage take the same course. It is meant to show that the bond between the two people is eternal. The circle/ring idea is not only put to use in rings. ...read more.


In certain places in the world, people, usually the man, are allowed more than one husband or wife. This is called Polygamy. The overwhelming majority of marriages however involve only two people. This is Monogamy. The exchanging of rings applies to faithfulness as well as permanence. The rings are shared between the couple and no one else, a constant reminder during married life of their bond and how it is supposed to be; eternal. During the vows for the Christian services the couple are asked if they will "Forsaking all others, be faithful to him/her as long as you both shall live." This is a clear a promise to be faithful as you can get, and if the couple agree to this, then they clearly intend to stay faithful and are expected to stay faithful to their spouse through out their lives. Unfortunately, people are not always faithful. When married people have sexual intercourse with someone other than their spouse, it is called adultery. Every Christian church condemns adultery for the following reasons; It breaks the commandments and goes against the teaching of Jesus, it breaks the marriage vows that the couple made when they were married, it involves deceiving ones wife or husband and so breaks the trust which ...read more.


They may also say that any children born outside of marriage were illegitimate and may face a dysfunctional family life as there is less security and stability in the parent's relationship. But if the proper steps are taken to ensure that the woman does not become pregnant, then you needn't have to deal with that occurrence anyway as there would be no child. They may say that a parent could just leave the family in a temper, whereas it takes time to get a divorce and so the parent in question would have time to think about things properly. If the people are in a co-habitation relationship, an earning partner could just leave the other without being under any obligation to pay them a penny. If they were married, at least a divorce would mean that the finances were shared out appropriately. Jesus has said that sex should be reserved for marriage, so theoretically, Christians are sinning if they have unmarried sex, but to be honest, if sex is protected and in a loving relationship, what does a piece of paper saying that you are married really matter? In the grand scheme of things, it is hurting no one and enhancing a loving relationship, so what is wrong with that? Nothing. Which is why, in my opinion, sex between Christians in a secure relationship is acceptable. ...read more.

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