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Rloe and function of a mosque

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The Mosque has many roles and functions. One of them is that five daily Salahs take place in the Mosque at their specific time; Fajar, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib and Isha. Nowadays, Eid Salah; Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha takes place in the Mosque, but in Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)'s time they use to pray Eid Salah in an open field but now weather is not permissible to pray Salah outside. Every Friday, Jummah Salah and Khutbah takes place in the Mosque which is one of the famous things for a Mosque as well as Friday. Mortuary is a place/area in a Mosque, where dead people are given a Ghusl, shrouded and if the Janazah Salah cannot be arranged quickly or burial service, then dead are kept in large freezers provided for the Mosque, until everything is sorted out as soon as possible, because in a Hadith, to the nearest meaning Our Prophet (S.A.W) ...read more.


of Itikaaf and to worship Allah. It has three types; * Voluntary also known as Nafl Itikaaf. You can do this in the Mosque, for men at any time of the year and women at home, with the intention of Itikaaf as long as they want to keep it for. * Sunnah, Sunnat-e-Muakkidah and that means the last ten days of Ramadhan, which was practice of Prophet (S.A.W) to go in Mosque and remember Allah and female to stay at home and do it. If few people do it for the sake of the whole community, then Itikaaf will be done on behalf on all. * Fardh or Waajib Itikaaf and you have to do this Itikaaf with a fast when you take an oath that if my work is done or something happens the way you want it to then I will sit in Itikaaf for pleasure of Allah. ...read more.


In the Mosque, they mostly put three boxes; Lillah, Zakah and Sadaqah. Lillah money is voluntary and it goes for Allah's path, like in building Mosques etc. Zakah money is the obligatory money, fourth pillar of Islam, where the rich have to give money to poor, so this money could go to Palestine to help them. Lastly Sadaqah means charity to poor people and it is voluntary, so it can go for Palestine people or any other poor/suffering people. You also give Sadaqah in Mosque, when you keep an oath that if such a thing/wish completes/fulfils, then I will give money in Sadaqah, then you have to give that oath money or else you will be sinful. Mosque is mostly the first place for a New-Muslim who has embraced Islam to come and pray Shahadah by the Imam or a pious person. He should try to learn all the necessary things in Islam, the first being Salah, praying Quran etc. ?? ?? ?? ?? Role and function of a Mosque ...read more.

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