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Roman Catholic Church

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Roman Catholic Church Peter and his work with the Church in Jerusalem was the origination the Catholic Church. The leaders within this Church would be the Pope, Bishops, Clergy and priests. Just recently a new pope was elected, Pope Benedict vvv1. Pope John Paul 11 passed away. The Catholic Church celebrates seven Sacraments which are Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Holy Orders, anointing of the sick, Matrimony, and Penance. ...read more.


This sacrament should only be celebrated once in one person's life. Holy Communion is usually made at the age of 8 or 9 and after this is made, the person can receive the Eucharist as much as they would like but no more than once a day! Confirmation is when the holy-spirit comes down in flames into your soul and this is celebrated only once in a persons life. ...read more.


This should happen weekly but some people don't have the "time" And lastly, holy orders is when a man offers up there life to serve and honour God. This man cannot marry or have children though. This means that no person alive can have all seven Sacraments for any man who received holy orders isn't allowed to receiver Matramony. The Format of the Roman Catholics Sunday service is very simple and direct. We have the gospel, readings from the bible, Eucharist and shaking of one-another's hands ?? ?? ?? ?? Aislinn Fegan 2a ...read more.

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