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Rwanda: Hope in Hell

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Review Documentary - Rwanda: Hope in Hell Paul Bradley and Fergal Keane travel to Rwanda to find out how money given to Comic Relief is helping to plant seeds in a country devastated by genocide and HIV .There are two major tribes in Tutsis and the Hutus. From April to July 1994 the Hutus declared a civil war and killed any Tutsis they could find. The Hutus planned campaign called genocide. In 100 days one million Tutsis were killed. The people of Rwanda did not want the world about the massacre. But the United Nations Peace Keeping Force did not intervene. The Hutus were killing people brutally with clubs and machetes to slaughter people. Rwanda is also known as the country of widows because the majority of the Tutsis killed were men. The widows were raped several times and given aids out of cruelty. Over 1.5 million civilians had left their homes to flee the selective massacres against Hutus by the RPF army. ...read more.


Monica lost her three children during the genocide. Monica has aids and she is looking after motherless children. Gatarina has 23 children in total and she runs a bakery so her and her children can be eating fresh bread. Eugenie was raped and given aids at the age of 16 the man who raped her said he would not kill her because he has already given her something worse she realized what he said when she was told that she has Aids. Eugenie's' parents were also killed and her and her brother are alone. When Eugenie dies her little brother will have nobody. Jennet was raped by 9 men and has only two surviving children, she also has aids. The doctors told her that she needs to be eating properly so she bought a chicken, so the chicken can lay eggs for her to eat. The Tutsis were horrendously slaughtered people were killed with clubs and machetes 800 - 1 million people were killed. ...read more.


Valentine is a survivor, a machete cut of her fingers and damages to her head. She spent several weeks amongst the bodies. Valentine is now going back to school and is going to become a doctor. Rwanda is gradually recovering from the 1994 genocide but it is not about charity it is about recognising our shared humanities. I personally think that it is not too much to give what you have what people are through in Rwanda is too much. If every family in Britain gave just �10 every month it would pay for: more beds for the hospital, build more orphanages and also to help pay for treatment for Aids patients. Children of Avega village run a child counselling programme where the children talk about what they went through but they need more funding for the programme to continue. Poverty was killing the children there is no food for them to eat; they are running around the streets, sleeping by the side of the road. I think people should watch this film and see where only some of their money is going to. ?? ?? ?? ?? Thursday 28th February 2008 ...read more.

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