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Sabbath, Jewish Day of Rest.

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SABBATH, JEWISH DAY OF REST. With Jews, Holy days are so much important to them. In every holy day, they celebrate many big festivals with great devotion and joy. They treasure these festive days, because they remind them of their lofty ideals and religious beliefs; they recall the great historic events of their past. The celebration of these holy days has helped them to survive terrible persecutions by giving them new hope, courage, uniting their present day lives with their past days. According to the book "A treasury of Jewish holidays", I read on Saturday 4/12/2003, it explains the origin of Jewish holy days, how they celebrate, etc. I would like to talk about Sabbath, the Jewish day of rest. According to the Fourth of the Ten Commandments, six days shall thou labor, and do all thy work; but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord thy God. In this day, thou shall not do any manner of work, nor thy son, nor the daughter, nor thy man servant, nor thy maid servant, nor thy cattle, etc. Because in six days, the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested on the seventh day, therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. ...read more.


The father can spend the Sabbath eve with his family singing Sabbath hymns in the true Sabbath spirit. The Sabbath is the most beautiful gift Israel has received from God. In expectation of the Sabbath, the Jewish woman busies herself with many chores on Friday. She polishes the silverware and other utensils to be used for and on the Sabbath. She puts fresh coverings on the beds, arranges the household furniture, and covers the table with a fresh, white cloth, which remains on the table till the end of the Sabbath. In this day, everybody must wash their face and hands, and if facilities are available, their whole body in warm water. Everybody should try to wear fine clothes especially set aside for the Sabbath, and if possible not to wear the same clothes as on weekdays. The Sabbath is opening with an invitation to friends to welcome the bride Sabbath, is full of courage and hope for the oppressed Jewish people. How is the Sabbath to be observed as a day of pleasure? The answer is with good food and drink, with clean and becoming clothes, with joy and entertainment; and for this you will receive reword from Heaven. ...read more.


During the Sabbath day, every Jew must eat three meals, one on the Sabbath eve, and two during the day. The third meal is eaten late in the afternoon. When the father returns from the synagogue, the family gathers around him for the separation ceremony. One member of the family holds the lit, twisted candle, especially made for this occasion, another holds the spice box. The father raises the goblet of wine or other beverage as he chants the separation prayer. The father first closes his hands, bringing them close to the light, bending his fingers to make a shadow, and opens them while reciting the last benediction. The ceremony concluded, the father greets the family with the greeting gut woch, happy week, and the family sings a song about the prophet Elijah and the Messiah. Jews speak with pride of their observance of the Sabbath, pointing out that the great gift of Judaism to the world has not been the creation of a beautiful temple in physical space but rather the creation of a beautiful "temple" in time. The Sabbath is meant to be joyous and is often remembered that way by adults who have grown up in traditional households. The Sabbath is a great seventh day of God, of Jews, of Jewish holy days. ...read more.

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