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'Sanctity of life' a christian perspective.

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Christians believe by the phrase 'sanctity of life' that all life is special to God and should not be treated badly or discarded thoughtlessly. Each human being is a separate, living person, with many rights. Christian's beliefs about God being the creator include the belief that all human beings are created as individuals. Every individual is unique; there is no life like any other in the universe. Human beings have a special place in God's eyes and in his creation and the fact that every person is made in God's image is a gift from God. The following passage from Genesis shows the special nature of humans: Then God said, 'Let us make man in our own image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.' So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; make and female he created them. This passage portrays that humans are special and God made the world for human beings before he even created them and the world was able to sustain them. ...read more.


I think the Catholic view is a little extreme; their idea on the issue could cause significant bodily or mental harm to the mother if they have to continue with the unwanted pregnancy. Other Christians have different views on abortion and will only allow it in certain circumstances, for example a rape. Although in the result of a rape, one may believe the unborn child has done no harm, most Christians believe abortions should be allowed in this case as the child may be unwanted and could mentally affect the potential mother. The majority of Christians think an abortion is also allowed if the child would be severely handicapped at birth as the child's quality of life might be worse than death. Both Christians and non-religious people believe that the mother's life should come first so if the mother would be at risk in childbirth, the pregnancy is aborted if the mother wishes so. Referring back to the sanctity of life, people may believe that if life can be broken in tragedies such as war, abortion should be allowed. There are alternatives to abortion, but unlike an abortion they do mean having to allow the baby to be born. ...read more.


Therefore Christians should follow and should try and persuade others of Jesus' example as he also said to his Disciples: "Go forth and teach all nations." Thus as Christians become Disciples of Jesus they should also try to convince people that Jesus' teachings should be followed, which in the case of abortion and euthanasia, would be to go against it. Avery famous man called Mahatma Gandhi once said, if you are right and you know what you believe in is true then stick to it even if your on your own. Christians do not have the right to force others to accept their position or make them believe in what they believe in for example, believing that abortions and euthanasia are wrong. They can however inform people about the alternatives. In conclusion, I think that what Christians believe about life is up to them and they should not try to make others accept their position, they should however stick to what they believe in, for example with abortion or euthanasia. On these issues, they should not try and force others to believe one of the Christians views but if someone was considering one of the options, they could explain the alternatives, which is similar to spreading the word of Jesus in saying that there are other options. ...read more.

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