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Santity of Human Life

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Sanctity of Human Life "Explain the Catholic teaching about the sanctity of Human Life" Catholics believe that humans are sacred, as is first indicated by the bible in Genesis 1: 27. 'So God created man in his own image'. Humans were created in the presence of God and therefore we bear a privilege extended exclusively to humans. God blessed us all with a touch of himself, and since we embody God's image, human life is more sacred and demands more dignity than anything else in existence does, nearing the essence of God himself. 'Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's spirit lives in you?' ...read more.


'You made him (man) a little lower than heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honour' Psalm 8: 5. The catholic community believes that abusing the honour of a striking resemblance to God is wrong. Honour and dignity are concepts that are woven deep in the mind, it isn't something you grow, but a measure of grateful or ungrateful we are to God. God gave us the gift of a spiritual and mental capacity that other life forms do not posses, and therefore he gave us free will. This means that Catholics can make a decision, not influenced by God's doings. ...read more.


Consequently, from the moment of conception, we should be given the same amount of respect and love as any other individual. By throwing away embryos we are disrespecting the amount of time and work he put into that particular embryo. Also, Catholics believe that pregnancy is a natural consequence of sexual activity, and therefore this activity should only be performed for privilege to have children. In general Catholics believe it is wrong to interfere with issues concerning life or death, as these are things that only God has the right to give or take. But also, when looking after oneself, they should not spoil themselves by wandering away from honour and dignity. By taking up bad habits such as smoking or drinking shows that we do not appreciate what God has given us. ...read more.

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