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"Scientific advances continue to arise ethical questions within the field of medicine, which can lead to conflict in society"Discuss this statement with reference to at least 3 contemporary examples

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General Studies Essay on Ethics Imran Miah 13/12/02 "Scientific advances continue to arise ethical questions within the field of medicine, which can lead to conflict in society" Discuss this statement with reference to at least 3 contemporary examples The aims of this essay are to examine why ethical questions continue to arise in the medical fields of abortion, animal experimentation and euthanasia. Moreover, this essay will look at the different reasons and issues that relate to three of these topics, talking about the ethical conflicts that crop up in society. Different types of data have been put together to show the differences in views from different points of view, the information have been extracted from the internet newspapers and books to answer many questions such as, What are the reasons for a pregnant woman to have an abortion? Why do scientists use rats instead of humans and why hasn't everyone got the right to a peaceful death??? Abortion... ...Is to end a pregnancy, there are two types of abortion" spontaneous abortion" or "miscarriage" is the term that most people are familiar with is the involuntary, The developing of the foetus stops and the body gets rid of it. The voluntary method of abortion is known as" induced abortion" which is carried out in either a medical or surgical way. There are many reasons why women choose to have their babies terminated and here is an outline of some of these reasons in detail. ...read more.


Even though people are made aware of these options many still believe abortion is a good option that they have made or will make if necessary. Animal Experimentation Millions of animals are used as test tubes for scientific research. There are ethical issues and conflicts in society, which surround animal experimentation. These ethical issues and conflicts in society revolve around arguments for and against animal experimentation. Arguments for animal experimentation. Majority of the animals used in experiments are weak ones such as rats and mice. Over 15 million of these rats and mice die in the world today naturally, so don't you think that they would be better off dying in an experiment rather than to be left on the side of the canals and rot away? Scientists only test on these animals in order to find new cures and test new products before they are put on the shelves of the supermarket. For example an animal would be injected with a disease and then the cure, which they think will work, would be used on the animal in order to see if the cure works. If the cure works then many lives will be saved every. Cures to diseases that have been found thanks to the use of animals include T.B, tetnus, meningitis C, also there is a clearer understanding of the incurable illnesses such as cancer or Parkinson's because there have been progression in the research on theses diseases. ...read more.


Euthanasia is against the law and is categorised as murder. But as in other areas in life, people come around as years pass on and they become more accepting of others needs. People may agree or disagree, but who knows best? You cannot judge someone by looking at his or her problem you have to be there to know it! If you was faced with a person in your own family that is terminally ill and you and others are suffering a great amount wouldn't you like to end it after all there isn't a cure for it and the only option is euthanasia? The bottom line After discussing the three issues many questions have been answered yet there are still many that need to be answered, but you will only know best if you were in that situation. Life brings about its hard and difficult situations scientific advances is only trying to make things better for your needs but by paying a harsh price on the way. It is up to you what you want to believe because it is you who is seeing it with you eye. Abortion has many ethical issues surrounding the fact that woman wants an abortions and why, if an abortion is morally right, animal experimentations has many volatile issues surrounding whether or not it is right to treat these animal in an ill manner to find cures to many human diseases and to test the safety of our products, and finally euthanasia had the very uncertain issues whether it is acceptable to allow a loved one to die and whether he has the right to decide for himself! ...read more.

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