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Secularisation. The decrease in importance of religion in peoples lives, this is the definition of secularisation. Years ago about 40% of the population claimed they attended church each week.

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Secularisation! The decrease in importance of religion in people's lives, this is the definition of secularisation. Years ago about 40% of the population claimed they attended church each week. Today the percentage is little over 10%. Also sociologists are claiming that religion has lost its previous major influence on the way people live their lives. The points that help to show that secularisation is taking place are very important and show a significant change in religion over the years. The attendance and membership of the church has rapidly and severely dropped. From being nearly 40% of the people living in Britain said they attended church nearly every week, it has dropped to a very low 10%of people in Britain today. The church has declined its influence on the way general people live their own lives, previously people would obey the rules of the church and attend as often as possible. But now people do not follow the rules of the church as closely as previously done. ...read more.


Some new age beliefs include feng Sui, tarot card reading, and astrology. These new age movements fit into a selection of "themes": - * New Science - where science will prove what they believe. * New ecology- where the earth is seen as a living being. * New psychology- where ones self can be made perfect, and have immortal souls. The new age has come about because of a few reasons I will go onto explain. They became popular in the 1980's at a time when people concentrated on originality and independence. People were tolerant to new ideas, and there was a lot less pressure to conform to the normal society. Young people especially joined these new movements; it was a gesture of independence, self-development, to find answers to big questions about life, injustice, suffering etc, and importantly for companionship. New age movements are becoming every popular with the help of TV and films, programmes like "X-files" encourage peoples beliefs of extraterrestrial life. ...read more.


Most importantly, secularisation mostly applies to the more traditional churches, such as the Church of England or the Roman Catholic Church. In other more un-traditional churches there has been a steady increase in the attendance, such as the Mormons and the Jehovah's witnesses. Non- Christian religions are having an increasing effect upon our society with large growth in Muslims in Britain. Secularisation has occurred, and will continue to occur, as there are significant advances in science. Science has had a very big affect on the levels of secularisations mainly because it can now explain things previously thought to be related to religion. There are now many different views on how the world began, with the science world increasing the information to prove the theory of " the big bang", where years ago God created the world and everything in it. There is significant information that shows the secularisation has been over exaggerated, but it is a fact, religion is declining and as the scientific world takes over and explains more and more of life's mysteries religion will continue to drop. ...read more.

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