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Select and explain the important beliefs celebrated at Christmas. Explain how they are celebrated.

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SELECT and EXPLAIN the important beliefs celebrated at Christmas. Explain how they are celebrated. Christmas is one of the most important festivals to Christians. They celebrate the coming of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Begins in the forth Sunday before 25th December, Christians begin to prepare for Christmas. This period is called Advent; the meaning is "coming". In the preparation of Advent, Advent wreath, Advent candle, and Advent calendar are very important. Same as the Light, Christingle, The Jesse Tree, Carol Singing, Christmas Presents, Cards, and Christmas Services. Each of them has their own meanings of celebrating the coming of Jesus Christ. ...read more.


It is a cardboard calendar with 24 numbered little windows; the windows are opened each day in Advent. There are also some little pictures and some bible text giving a message of Christmas to anyone. One more thing that Christians prepare for Christmas during Advent is Advent Prayers are used in many churches to represent the light from God. Moreover, many people like to place a display of a crib. It is a model of the birth of Jesus. These remind Christian although Jesus is the Son of God, but he was born in a Palace, but a little dirty crib, and tell them the poverty of Jesus. ...read more.


Carol singings and Christmas Services are also popular in the Christians celebrations. They sing the Christmas songs as a group and read Bible passages to the other. The money that they earn will donate to the needy. Besides those customs, giving presents and cards are also popular in the celebration of Jesus. It gives the messages of the Wise Men to Jesus and the gift from God - Jesus. In the Christmas card, many of them will have a picture of Jesus and messages of the birth of God's son, it reminds us the coming of our new world. From all of the celebrations, we can see clearly the importance of the coming of Jesus, and how much Christians respect the Son of God, Jesus Christ. RE Coursework Avis Chan ...read more.

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