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Select describe and explain the religiousrituals involved in Shabbat.

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Select describe and explain the religious rituals involved in Shabbat. Shabbat starts at sun set on Friday and ends sun set Saturday, when three stars appear in the sky. On Saturday two candles lit represents the two commandments found in the torah, remember and observe Sabbath. As the mother lights the candles she has her head covered and beckons with her arms that cover her eyes, she does this to delay seeing Shabbat. On Friday the males of the family will go to the synagogue, when they return the meal can begin. ...read more.


After they have drank the red wine, all the family would go wash their hands, by washing their hands as a sign of purification. Then they may eat. The table they are eating round, is covered by a white table cloth, this represents purity. One the table there is two platted loaves of bread; they are placed on a board which is also covered by a cloth which represents the manna and the dew. The loaves were platted six times. The father breaks small pieces of the bread for the family, the family sprinkle it with salt, as salt was used on sacrifices in the temple, it was luxury. ...read more.


They would also have a cold dinner made the day before, or a meal kept warm on a tray (which is made for Shabbat) as cooking would be work. In the afternoon the men visit the synagogue to study the torah. In the evening there is usually a havdallah ceremony which is repeated at home, that is the service which separates Shabbat from the rest of the week. There is a candle with a platted wick so they can light the flame again. They then have two glasses of wine and smell spices to lift spirits, then a pray is said and Shabbat ends. Vickie Clark Shabbat ...read more.

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