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Select, describe and explain those rituals of Hajj which will be of spiritual value to the pilgrim

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A01 - Select, describe and explain those rituals of Hajj which will be of spiritual value to the pilgrim Hajj is a journey with great spiritual significance performed by a Muslim to Makkah, the holy city, where Muslims follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad. It is the last of the five pillars of Islam, demonstrating its significance in the Islamic faith. Every year, Hajj brings Muslims from different backgrounds all over the world to one purpose, to follow Prophet Muhammad's footsteps. All men who are able to go are obliged to go on Hajj at least once in their lifetime. The preparation for Hajj begins as early as days after a Muslim boy is born; as a bank account is set up for provide the money needed for the pilgrimage. As Qu'ran 22:27-28 shows, Hajj is a very spiritually beneficial journey. It is a time where Muslims are closest to God. Very often, the spiritual impact on the pilgrims is so great that it would change them for the rest of their lives. ...read more.


Muslims in the state of Ihram are focused and dedicated to worship, and they are prepared and ready to continue the rest of the pilgrimage. Without the Ihram, Hajj is no different from a long, meaningless journey. Fig.1 shows Muslims wearing the Ihram Fig.1 Fig.2 Tawaf, the circling of the Ka'bah anti-clockwise seven times, is perhaps the most well-known and recognized ritual of Hajj. There is not a fixed time for a Muslim to perform Tawaf during Hajj, but most people choose it. The Ka'bah was the first house of worship built by Ibrahim. It is the house of God, symbolizing God's spiritual presence. Tawaf has a big spiritual impact on Muslims because the Ka'bah is their centre of worship and it is what Muslims have been facing every day when they pray. While circling the Ka'bah, Muslims would proclaim in Arabic, 'here I am at your service, O God, Here I am!' It is a symbolic act of worship, showing the worshippers' love and submission to Allah. ...read more.


This is a day which is completely devoted to God, where the pilgrims concentrate only on God alone. The first Englishwoman to perform Hajj, Lady Evelyn Cobbold, described the Wuquf in the following words, 'It would require a master pen to describe the scene, poignant in its intensity, of that great concourse of humanity of which I was one small unit, completely lost to their surroundings in a fervor of religious enthusiasm.' This shows that the overwhelming atmosphere at the Wuquf has a huge impact on pilgrims. Many pilgrims feel that the stand was the closest they have ever come to God. Fig.3 shows Muslims standing on the Mount of Mercy. Fig.3 Hajj is a once in a lifetime experience for the Muslims. Although the requirement is that Muslims only have to go once in their lifetime, many Muslims go there 3 to 4 times in their lives because it was such a great experience. The sheer number of people causes an overwhelming atmosphere of devotion and dedication to Allah. Rituals such as the Tawaf and the Wuquf further strengths the spiritual bond between the pilgrims and Allah. However, the Hajj is only meaningful when Muslims concentrate on Allah completely. ...read more.

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