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Select describe and explain those rituals of Hajj, which will be of spiritual value to the pilgrim.

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GCSE Coursework - Islam - Hajj Islam Coursework 1 Select describe and explain those rituals of Hajj, which will be of spiritual value to the pilgrim. Hajj is an extremely important part of a Muslims life. All of the rituals completed on the Hajj will be and are of great spiritual value to the pilgrim. The spiritual degrees of Hajj, being the assets for eternal life which bring Muslims the closest they will ever be to God and the prayer to him, shows Hajj gives great devotion and value to a pilgrim. This devotion may not be obtained unless the rituals of Hajj are observed and performed properly. ...read more.


They are always equal in the eye of God. The first ritual is the circling of the Ka'bah seven times. This symbolises love for God. The black stone the pilgrims are circling is said to be the oldest shrine to God and so pilgrims try if they can to kiss or even touch the stone, an extremely symbolic moment. Marwah and Safa are the two hills between which Hajar frantically ran to try to find water for her son who was dying. Her actions symbolise the souls desperate search for that which gives true life. A pilgrim will join a procession and run if possible between the two hills seven times just like Hajar to show they respect what she did and are prepared to do the same. ...read more.


It is said to be a time of 'great mystical and emotional power.' This is the ritual that brings the pilgrim most close to God. The nothingness and total concentration on God makes the pilgrim feel like God is really there by them more so than in prayer. A woman once commented on the ritual ''To have stood before God at Arafat is like having a baby. You have either had the experience or you have not. No one can truly explain how it feels - but those who know it know. Perhaps only those whose hearts God has seized can understand.' Hajj is the most important part of a Muslims life and the rituals completed show just how dedicated to the religion and God that particular pilgrim is. Jessica Cobb 11.6 t.g 5 ...read more.

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