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Self Eulogy

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YEAR 11 RELIGIOUS & ETHICS Unit 1 - Life Choices Teacher: Mrs Bacon Name: Peter Lee 11M 2009-03-01 Part A: 'Eulogy': A eulogy is a speech or piece of writing, usually at a funeral, in which a person who has just died is praised. Peter was an intelligent and bright man. He lived a wonderful life. He was my friend who cried with me and advised me when I had problems with my work. I cannot tell you what it was, but I am happy that I had friend who always stayed next to me every time. He was the kind of friend who stands by you when you need somebody to be there. I first met him in our first year of high school. We were so young and such naughty boys. We took the same bus, lived in the same street. That is how I became close to Peter. We exercised every morning in 5 o'clock before we go to school. ...read more.


At that time, he could have been employed by Queen Elizabeth II Hospital to become a professional dentist in there. However, he booked a plane ticket to Ghana straight after his graduation. Even his wife, Cindy agreed with it. He built a small hospital funded by one of the biggest companies in Ghana. Although, it is funded by the biggest company, the conditions weren't good enough; He treated many sick children and adults. There were a lot of people who had to wait a whole day to see him. His appearance wasn't as good as a normal person till his death. In his 4th year in Ghana, he suffered with many diseases, such as malaria, an endemic disease, heat stroke and many more. But until last week, he was still treating children as usual, even when he was sick. Peter will be in the heaven, no, he might be there already. My memory of him is that he lived everyday like Albert Schweitzer who is known as a famous devoted doctor. ...read more.


But there is a one way that only International students are able to go dentistry without an OP. That is the test called IELTS Examination (International English Language Testing System). This examination is English test includes Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking that examine international students' English proficiency. If students get minimum overall 7.0 out of 9.0, then they are qualified to apply the Bachelor of Dentistry. Next, I must take two more exams after I got qualification to enter. They are UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) and ISAT (International Student Admissions Test). These tests are essential exams to enter the dental school. UMAT tests students' ability about basic scientific knowledge and ISAT international students' ability to enter the university. After entering the dental school, I must study for 8 years with success grades. After graduation, I can be employed by many hospitals and become a professional dentist. To conclude, it is very hard to be a dentist that I have to take many exams. But, if I try my best with God's help, I believe I can be a professional dentist one day. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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