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Self Harm discursive essay

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Discursive Essay Good evening, my name is Cora. I am going to talk to you today about self-harm. Some of you may think this topic is irrelevant to your own lives but, in fact, the group with the highest rate of self-harm are young women aged fifteen to nineteen. Also, it is believed that two in ten teenagers self-injure at some point in their teenage years. Look around you now... Roughly six people in this class self-harm. Now so you think it's more relevant? Research shows that half the people in the UK know of someone who has self-harmed but according to expert, Simon Armson, a large proportion of us have little or no understanding of it. So in the next few minutes I hope to fill you in on what you need to know about self-harm. For those of you who don't really know what self-harm is, it is very broadly defined as the deliberate attempt to physically injure yourself without causing death. Self-injury can take the form of burning, scratching, cutting, biting, scalding, poisoning and ripping hair out. ...read more.


They may do it to express things that they can't put into words such as the extent of anger, depth of depression or strength of other intense feelings. What we must remember is that crying out for help or trying to make people understand our feelings is not wrong. How we respond to this cry is crucial! While people are self-harming they delude themselves that what they are doing will help the. Subsequently if they get pity or too much attention it only encourages more self-harming next time anything goes wrong, sometimes leading to reluctance to want to stop self-injuring. In cases such as these they must be brought back to reality, where they can get help but also be shown that what they are doing is seriously wrong and dangerous. If you are a friend of someone who self-harms one way to redirect this behaviour is to shout at your friend, tell the how much it hurts you. Make them promise not to do it again and if they have already broken this promise tell them how angry and upset you are that they would break it. ...read more.


If you feel depressed or unhappy, relax in a bath to wash away your troubles or read a book to escape to an alternative reality. Do you feel unreal, inhuman or numb? Then feel something without hurting yourself, for example hold ice, chew a hot pepper or take a cold bath. If you want distraction try working on a hobby, a game or on a computer. You might even find a new lease of life through taking up a new hobby. As some people feel they need to see blood and scars and pick scabs, in this case you could draw or paint on yourself or use henna tattoos. These go on as a paste and you can pick them off the next day and they leave a red mark behind. I hope you have all taken in my advice and information. The number of people disclosing self-harm to Childline has risen 30% in the last year. In view of this it is evidently not a passing fad. It is not fashion, it is not helpful and it is not merely attention seeking. It doesn't help anyone and whether you or a friend self-harm think of what people really see when they see those scars and the stop it... because you can! Thank you. ...read more.

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