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Senior Project

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Brandon Monroe Mrs. Kayser Senior Project 30 November 2006 Why is there so much violence in the world today? Ever since the beginning of television there has been some sort of violent exploitation. A good example of violence in the early days would be old westerns. As time went on and television progressed more violent programs came about. Now the media is a good source of seeing violence. These days children like to see violence. Over time this will have negative effects on their minds. The media encourages violence to children. The entertainment media plays a powerful role in the formation of values and morals in children. It seems that minority groups or athletes are usually targeted. Why do children kill? "It's clear that kids who grow up surrounded by violence--on the street, in the home, on the tube, in electronic games--become less sensitive to it ... and there's no question that when children have access to firearms the odds of a tragedy rise"(Children 1) . There are many things that can influence a child's behavior, but we will only focus on the entertainment industry: television, wrestling, and video games. Television violence affects youngsters of all ages. Today, children and teenagers are subjected to vast amounts of violence on television and in the movies. Because young children cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality, they are easily influenced by what they see in the media. "Children are visual learners and they model both positive and negative behaviors they see." (Effects/Video) The impact of television violence may be immediately evident in the child's behavior or may surface years later. ...read more.


As mentioned, there have been many violent school shootings across America recently. Is professional wrestling to blame? In the Littleton, Colorado school shootings, it was reported that both the killer and victims watched wrestling. In the early 1990s, professional wrestling started airing in Israel. Due to this, violent behaviors increased among third through sixth graders. When airtime was decreased, violence also decreased. Howard Spivak, chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' task force on violence believes "kids don't always differentiate fantasy from reality". Many experts believe violence is learned through environmental factors. One of these factors is the exposure to violent video games. The video game industry has gotten so big that they're only behind television as the most popular form of entertainment in homes. Parents worry that kids may be vulnerable to learning the bad things being portrayed in violent video games. A high school shooting in Littleton, Colorado raised a controversial question concerning the effects of violent video games and their influences on children. In addition to other forms of media, many parents and teachers blame the exposure to violent video games on children as the cause of their violent actions. One thing certain is both killers of the Littleton, Colorado shooting played a violent video game named Doom. There are indications that video game exposures do have some, if not a lot, effect on the actions of these two killers. Two of the most famous theme parks in the United States are taking action in their efforts to reduce teenage violence through video games. Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland (both located in California) ...read more.


Playing video games can have a lot of positive effects. Video game playing introduces children to computer technology. Games can give practice in following directions. Some games provide practice in problem solving and logic. Games can provide practice in use of fine and spatial skills. Games can provide occasions for parents and child to play together. Players are introduced to information technology. Some games have therapeutic applications with patients. Overall they are entertaining and fun. Video games relieve tension and boredom. They develop gaming skills and when you play you develop a sense of mastery. A lot of people have opposite views of these facts. They think this only happens with non violent video games. Most of the positive effects don't come from violent video games. They also believe the positive effects come out when parents monitor video game playing. The media is a very responsible source for distributing violence to children. The most popular uses television, wrestling, and video games. People think it is okay for the violence. These types of media have positive and negative effects. By monitoring children's exposure to violence from entertainment, parents can prevent the onset of violent behavior resulting from this exposure. The government and the entertainment industry can also work together to decrease the violent act shown, change the way violence is portrayed, they should show all consequences, and implement the v-chip into every television as soon as possible. Today kids are lured in by video games and television. From this the media encourages violence and has negative effects toward children. It is hard to stay away from these things. We must stay strong so the violence won't get into our minds and change the way we think. ?? ?? ?? ?? Monroe 1 ...read more.

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