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Sex Outside Of Marriage

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Carl Shepherdson 26/11/02 Sex Outside Of Marriage For this assignment the religious issue we have chosen is 'Sex outside of Marriage'. Sex outside of marriage is very important to Christians because a lot of Christians think it is wrong to have sex without being married because you are not fully together. The Soap opera we have chosen is 'Eastenders', Eastenders is about families who all live in a square it is set in London. Sex outside of marriage has come up in Eastenders several times including. The first one being Dot Cotton who is a religious person of the soap; her storyline was she would not have sex before she was married. ...read more.


The sixth story line is about Mark Fowler when he was young he enjoyed his self had a good life but sadly after having a good life Mark contracted HIV the writers show how this affects him. I am going to choose three main storylines these being Dot Cotton & Jim, Sonia and Martin and finally Jamie. The first one I am going to tell you about is Dot Cotton, Dot is the religious character in Eastender's. Dot is getting married to Jim, Dot does not think it is right to have sex before you are married. Jim and Dot decide to wait to have sex this shows that Jim loves dot enough to wait. ...read more.


I think God is not stopping people having fun he is just caring for them to make sure they don't get hurt that's why god made this rule. If we did not have the 'Sex Outside Of Marriage', the writers of Eastenders would not have much to write about because all the seven storylines were ran at the same time and also it shows things that really do happen in peoples lives like rape and adultery it shows the real hurt and how it disrupts families. If everyone did not follow the Gods Rule more people would be hurt and be upset. They would be more pregnancies and more rapes or even more prostitution. ...read more.

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