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Shopping on Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve The train is full of hundreds of people waiting for the same destination as mine. I look around to see if there are any seats available but all I see is people pushing and shoving as if they were a herd of sheep's. I could hear people muttering rude comments at each other like a crowd of bees buzzing towards me. I see a man that lives on my street, I push towards him. As I get closer I can smell a cheesy odour, remembering how awful his scent is, I slowly try to make my way away from him hoping that he doesn't see me. I hear a voice say, 'Next stop Bond Street' I can feel all the excitement in the air, there's silence in the train, but I can hear heart beats pumping faster and faster. ...read more.


I intend to go Subway and get a quick and easy sandwich, so I can get started with all the shopping. I look around but don't see a Subway at sight, I hear stall men shout, 'Get your ice cream here' 'Get your hot dogs hear' But none sound appealing, the smell of doughnuts attract me. I start to see shoppers with hot, creamy, mouth watering doughnuts in their hands as if it were all planned. I walk towards Zara, to see if the smell gets stronger. I hear, 'Get you doughnuts heeee...' The voice starts to fade away; I trace my steps back, like a detective looking for clues. I start to hear the stall man again, this time much clearer. ...read more.


I hold the, freshly made, hot, soft as a cushion, doughnut in my hand as if it were a trophy. Just the look of it made my taste buds jump with excitement. I wait and admire the doughnut, my nose now filled with a mixture of smells as people walk pass with other types of food. My hands start to get sticky due to the icing; I hold the doughnut to my mouth and take a big delicious, chocolaty bite. My taste buds dance with joy, tingling with the sweet aroma of chocolate. As the soft bread particles dissolve in my saliva, I hold up the doughnut for another bite. This time I go for a bigger one, my teeth break through the icing and slowly pass the bread. I gradually repeat my actions on the rest of the doughnut. Once I finish I crave more. ...read more.

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