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Should Britain bring back Capital Punishment for Murder?

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Should Britain bring back Capital Punishment for Murder? Capital Punishment is the death penalty. In Britain the method of execution used to be hanging, but it was abolished in 1965. In olden day Britain if you stole something over fifty shillings you would be executed. This means that if you stole something for forty-nine shillings and ninety-nine pence you would not be executed. In some countries they still have the death penalty mostly for murder. In America the method of execution used to be the electric chair, the lethal injection or the gas chamber. ...read more.


Most murderers rarley re-offend It is said that it will bring down the murder rate because people would think about the consequences, this is the deterrence theory (the idea that if you are thinking about murdering someone, you will hesitate because your death will be the consequence). This does not work because when Britain abolished the death penalty the murder rate stayed the same, and when Canada abolished it the murder rate went down. But the United States have the highest murder rate in the world and they still have the death penalty. ...read more.


This is a spur of the moment murder. For example if someone caught their partner cheating, or caught someone in the middle of robbing their house, they would be enraged and by accident kill someone, without stopping and thinking about the consequences. Also the death penalty is economical, some think that keeping a prisoner in jail for life is uneconomical and wasteful. Life imprisonment would expose prison staff and fellow prisoners to dangerous murders. It also allows tension and anger to build up inside the prisoner until they escape, are pardoner or let out on parole when all the anger and revenge can be let out and then more people might be murdered. ...read more.

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