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Should Capital Punishment be re - introduced?

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Should Capital Punishment be re - introduced? Capital punishment is the legal execution of individuals who have been judged to have committed a serious crime. It was abolished in 1963 after Ruth Ellis was hanged for committing a crime of passion, this execution created a public outcry because it was felt that she had endured an injustice trial. This is still a controversial issue which provokes a lot of debate. M.P's have consistently voted against the re - introduction of the death penalty, 13 times in total because they believe that we as members of a civilised society should not revert to such an atrocious method of punishment. However, I am in favour of it's re - introduction due to the staggering increase of atrocities committed in our society since its abolition. Nowadays if you switch on the television, radio or read the newspaper, or just reflect on the previous night's news, the amount of children who have been made to meet their destiny through brutal measures arouses great sympathy. We as members of an advanced society together should without doubt put a stop to this. The only way to put an end to the record number of crimes being committed is to resurrect the only effective deterrent ever known; the legalised method of death. ...read more.


This is horrific, over 120, 000 people being attacked in one month, is that not something we should stop and ponder on? Shouldn't we do something to prevent this? Of - course the answer for anybody who cares about their loved ones and their society is an outright 'yes'! Opposers may argue that there are other ways i.e. life imprisonment, but how many times have we heard on the media about those who are released only then to learn later that they have re - offended? The term life imprisonment is misleading, one would expect 'life for life' - meaning the sentenced would rot in prison as they deserve. However the actual reality is a life sentence is only 25 years maximum! Something has to be done, the only way these madmen will realise their actions is when the sanctions of the death penalty are re - instated and when they are sufficiently aware and fear the consequences. Still 'do - gooders' unfortunately will argue that we do not have the right usurp the role of god, but if this was the case then why has God stated 'an eye for an eye' in the holy bible? ...read more.


Personally I categorize killers as savage and brutal animals. The thing that sickens me the most is the fact that these merciless people commit the most hideous crimes of violence and murder against those who are least likely to defend themselves, i.e. the most vulnerable members of our society. Why is this? They are constantly being mugged, murdered and raped. Why is this? These are also the most prevalent crimes in our community nowadays. If killers are to behave like animals then they should be 'put to sleep' in the same way as they are. I agree that hanging and the electrical chair are inhumane methods of punishment, but the lethal injection certainly is not, it is what some may argue more than what is deserved instead; a painless death! I firmly believe that the re - establishment of legal execution is the only effective deterrent. We can't just sit back and listen to the news, day in day out about yet another child rape and barbaric murder. We must do something; we must bring back the death sentence, and vote in favour of capital punishment. This will restore the faith in our elderly; stop yet more uncomprehendible crimes from coming into existence; and give us back our right to live and enjoy life without fear. MOHAMED PANCHBHAYA 11L 01/05/2007 1 ...read more.

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