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Should Capital Punishment be reintroduced into Britain?

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Should Capital Punishment be reintroduced into Britain? Capital punishment cannot take back what has already been lost. Life is sacred and to destroy it is unforgivable. So why let law carry out the same barbaric, slaughter? Osuma Bin Laden is a good example of why capital punishment should not be used. He created so much grief and destroyed so many lives that to bring death down upon him, does not seem to me like a suitable punishment. Death by no means is the harshest punishment for him or anyone else who has committed a crime. By killing through law we all become hypocrites of our own making. We say life is precious, that I know. We value ourselves enough to believe this, but cannot stick by our principles when we are tested to the limit. Human's ability to forgive sometimes betrays us all. Capital punishment being reintroduced into Britain cannot be answered one way or another by statistics and figures. It rests upon the soul of man; his or her love or hatred for life could change someone else's forever. Would you be able to slay someone for his or her felony? Many religious individuals believe that it is within the Bible that capital punishment should be legalised here. They believe that because Jesus was killed at the cross by public execution that this is a form of capital punishment. ...read more.


For a period of time they enter a stage of denial and can not come to terms with what they have done. If they are then condemned to the same punishment then the criminal does not have to come to terms with the guilt and have to face the consequences of their actions. To some death is a consequence. To me this is an easy way out. So that the criminal does not have to live with the thought of what they did for the rest of their lives, day after day. Which would you rather if someone you knew was savagely murdered, for the criminal to live and face what he did for the rest of his life or to die and be given an escape route from all the pain and suffering he had caused? On the contrary, criminals may not always feel remorse for what they have done. An illustration of this is Timothy McVeigh who bombed Oklahoma. He felt no sorrow for the pain he had inflicted and he knew what he would receive in return for the massacre he brought down upon Oklahoma. He was executed on June 11th 2002 and to this day he lives on. He is not someone that the world wishes to remember but he always will be, just like Hitler and many others who caused so much grief to the world. ...read more.


Child executions also need to be brought up here. If a man can kill and be sentenced to his death then if a boy of 15 years of age was to commit the same crime shouldn't he be penalised in the same way the man was? Whether or not you could punish so harshly as to sentence a child to death is not the question. The question is if you can do it to a man why not a child? Introducing the capital punishment back into Britain will start arguments as to why some people are not convicted of the same punishment because of their age or their disability. However hard I try to convince you that capital punishment is wrong and that it should not be brought back into Britain, many will not change their minds due to principles or religion. However, would you like your children to one day grow up in a society that has a punishment of death? I do not believe in capital punishment and feel it is inhumane and that it is unlawful to kill another being whether through law or not. It should not be brought back into Britain who is above that degrading standard. If you believe capital punishment should be brought back into Britain I would like for you to imagine yourself- standing, watching as a victim is pumped with a warm liquid, which drifts them off into a calm sleep and obliterates their body. Taking away what we believe is so precious. Life. Persuasive Writing Vicki Smith ...read more.

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