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Should Capital Punishment Be Reintroduced To Britain?

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Should Capital Punishment Be Reintroduced To Britain? Capital punishment is the death penalty for people who have committed terrible crimes, such as murder. Since the abolition of the death penalty in 1964, the murder rate in the U.K. has been steadily increasing. Murder is the ultimate crime; therefore shouldn't murder demand the ultimate penalty? America suspended the death penalty in the early sixties, like Britain, but in 1976, they re-instated it again. Statistics have proven that in 1994, in New York, 1200 people had been murdered, but later in 1995, the death penalty was introduced, and in 1998, the murder rate had dropped to just over 500 people.In my opinion, this is enough evidence to reintroduce Capital Punishment. Capital punishment was abolished in Britain because the courts were making unintentional wrong decisions, therefore to preserve human life, it was decided Capital punishment should be abolished. ...read more.


To reduce the amount of people in Britain's prisons, and the amount of tax payers' money going to waste, we need to introduce capital punishment for crimes such as rape and homicide. It will be a consolation for the families of the murdered to know that the person who murdered their loved one is not walking down the street three and a half years later! Also, people will not commit such crimes as thought as less as they now do. A person committing homicide obviously does not respect that person's right of living, therefore, if such a crime is committed, it is only right that the courts do the same thing, and put the murderer up for execution. Even though I personally feel that Capital Punishment should be reintroduced, here are my views why it should not be reintroduced. It would be better to put someone in prison as it will be a lot more painful way to punish them. ...read more.


I am now going to recapitulate my findings on why the death penalty should be introduced, and why not. Being in favour of Capital Punishment, my reasons are as follows-; * Capital Punishment acts as an effective deterrent from murder * It prevents killers from murdering again * A person who takes a life, gives up the right to their own * Capital Punishment is less on rate payers than the cost of imprisonment. Here are my views on why Capital Punishment should not be reintroduced-; * There have been many high-profile miscarriages of justice * Any taking of life (even by the state) is un-civilised behaviour * The cost of appeals against death penalties makes it just as expensive as imprisonment. Now that I have taken both my views into account, I am going to conclude with my own personal view. Capital Punishment should be introduced in Britain, because murder is the most terrible crime, and anything less than the death-penalty is an insult to the victim and society. By Siddique Bapu ...read more.

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