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Should Capital Punishment be Restored in the UK as a Punishment for the Crime of Murder?

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Argued Essay: Should Capital Punishment be Restored in the UK as a Punishment for the Crime of Murder? Capital punishment or the death penalty is seen as the worst punishment a criminal can receive. The prisoner is executed by a variety of methods such as the electric chair, lethal injection or, in countries in the Far East by beheading or being shot. The last execution in Britain was in 1965 when James Hanratty was executed. He was later found to have been innocent (this is still under investigation) and this was a main factor as to why the death penalty was abolished although it took many years from the last execution to its abolishment. England doesn't use capital or corporal punishment any more although many other countries such as the USA and China use them both frequently. Most people have very strong and often controversial views on capital punishment. ...read more.


But who should and who shouldn't have the right to choose between the two? They have both taken lives, should they both be put to death? An eye for an eye? And what happens in the event of a wrong person being put to death? How do you tell that persons family that the government made a 'mistake?' Some say that the families of those who are victims of horrific crimes would argue for capital punishment but others see this as an easy way out for the perpetrator. 'Why not remove his freedom and lock him away for the rest of his life and let him live with the horror of what he has done.' As a result most of these people would prefer to see a new legislation enforcing harsh sentences for our most violent criminals where life means exactly that - life! ...read more.


It is hardly a deterrent. Christians also do not believe in capital punishment for quote in the bible such as 'he who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first' (Jesus condemning a public execution of a woman for adultery.) This is like saying we have all made big mistakes or done wrong and been forgiven. This person is no different than us. Surprisingly though in a country where capital punishment is banned the majority of people would like to see it reinstated. These people feel that if a person kills another person then the murderer should be killed as well. This because life has been denied the victim and so the only way to teach the murderer and the rest of society this is wrong is to deny the murderer of life. This means it is a way of deterring others from killing as they could end up with the same fate as those who have been put to death. ...read more.

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