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Should Christian parents always try to encourage their children to follow the Christian faith

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Christian parents should always try to encourage their children to follow the Christian faith. Do you agree? By Lewis Jolly Most Christians today believe in God because they were taught it by their parents. Most children are taught the basic beliefs of Christians, parents teach them the 10 Commandments because is it a basic way and understanding how to be a friendly person. The bible teaches that families should always care for each other, that they should always be there for one another and that they should stick together through thick and thin. The Christian parents believe that the faith that they follow, is a very good way to live your life otherwise they wouldn't believe in their faith. ...read more.


taught that it is right before they know any better, before they can make a decision for themselves so is it actually encouraging them? "Teach children how they should live and they will remember it all their lives." Or do the parents just believe that because their parents taught them that Christianity is right that it is right and that you should agree with them "Honouring your mother and father." 'Treat others as you would want to be treated' I know I would rather make my own mind up about a religion also whether I should follow their ways of life. Some parents may think that they are doing the best for their children if they let their children find their faith when they are ready and want to. ...read more.


just let them make their own mind up, most of the time children will accept the religion to be accepted to make them feel as if they are part of the family, to feel accepted. I believe that if you are a Christian parent, and you believe in the faith 100%, and your life is definitely a Christian life, you should encourage your child to be a Christian, because you know that it is a good way to live, but you should never force your child. The Christian religion is does teach the right things but you should let them explore their own life, and let them make their own decisions, otherwise they will never be independent, they will never be free. ...read more.

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