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Should Euthanasia be legalised?

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In the last thirty years, Euthanasia has been a very controversial topic, fabricating the battle of human ethics against the Christian morals. There may be certain cases where it is considered as "letting die", nevertheless it is still basically murder. Through various opinions, evidence and incidents I will debate the statement should Euthanasia be legalized, is it ethical? The word Euthanasia originated from a Greek word, translated to "easy death," and is often linked with the notorious Dr. Kevorkian "Dr Death". There are three different types of euthanasia: What doctors believe to be "letting the patient die," such as taking conscious or unconscious patients off of life support, not reviving the patient in case of a heart failure. The third group is called assisted suicide. This is where Dr. Kevorkian and his suicide machine come into practise, made "popular" by his technique. The machine injects a lethal dosage of a potassium chloride into the "patients'" blood stream, killing them painlessly within ten minutes. ...read more.


The judge ruled that removing life support "would be homicide and an act of euthanasia" and said that "judicial conscience and morality" told him that the doctors were dealing with the patient correctly. But the parents later appealed to the Supreme Court and the decision was reversed, stating that the patient had the right to refuse treatment. The third and most fiercely disputed type of euthanasia is doctor-assisted suicide. Dr. Jack Kevorkian and his suicide machine have become well-known for their part in this type of euthanasia. In 1990, Janet Adkins of Portland found out that she had Alzheimer's disease. She had seen the doctor on television and in Newsweek magazine, and then contacted him. He fitted his van with the suicide device and on June fourth, 1990 and they drove to a local park in Michigan. Kevorkian hooked Adkins up to a tube; she died in less than six minutes. ...read more.


It's practically mocking human life, turning ourselves into God, deciding who deserves to live and die, as we push real religion out of our lives. Every life is deserving and worthwhile, not only to us as human beings, but also to God. Every person is worth fighting for. We must use our legal processes, while we still have them, to fight for the rights and lives of our elderly people and people with disabilities. We need to recognise that wishes for euthanasia are extremely rare in situations where the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients are properly met. As the symptoms which bring forward the request for euthanasia can be almost always managed with therapies, our main concern must be to ensure that top quality care is always available. While understanding the importance of individual long-suffering, history clearly demonstrates that legalising euthanasia will create serious risks to the whole of society. Legislation allowing euthanasia should be tightly resisted on the basis that it avoids true sympathetic care because successful alternatives exist. It ultimately damages rather than protects patients. Discussion Essay Euthanasia English ...read more.

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