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Should Euthanasia be legalized in Sweden?

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Should Euthanasia be legalized in Sweden? In today's contemporary society, it is acknowledged by all individuals that all living organisms end their life cycle with a stage known as death. However the question one should ask is whether individuals should be given the right to curtail their life; should one be allowed to intentionally take one's own life? In this essay, I will be discussing whether or not euthanasia should be legalized in Sweden; this will be accomplished by examining the arguments for and against. Only by fully examining the different perspectives will I be able to reach an informed conclusion. However it is vital to start off this essay by answering the questions of what euthanize is, how it works and any other background information that may be necessary for you, the reader to understand my point of view. Euthanasia "is the deliberate killing of a person for the benefit of that person." (www.dictionary.com). to clarify, this essay is about legalizing voluntary euthanasia only (the patient decides on his/her own free will to take their own life). There are only 5 countries in the world where euthanasia has been legalized, and they are Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia and the state of Oregon in USA. ...read more.


This case has forced me to open my eyes and question whether or not euthanasia should be legalized. If not, is there any justification for forcing Chantal S�bire to continue living with a disease that causes such excruciating pain that only those who are afflicted by it, truly know how hard it is. The most popular argument used against euthanasia is that it's morally wrong, it devalues life and it's against the will of god. It is believed by many that legalizing euthanasia encourages people to kill themselves and gives the message that it's better to be dead then disabled. There is a fear that people who might lose one of their senses and or any body parts, will be in a state of mental instability and will not be able to make reasonable decisions. Belgium along with Switzerland and the Netherland's are against this. First of all, all individuals have the freedom of choice, the argument that it is against the will of god is not especially persuasive, each and every single person should have the right to choose, and if it were to be a sin then the person should have the right to commit that sin. ...read more.


decreasing the voluntary death toll (suicide); The historical argument of voluntary euthanasia transforming into involuntary death because of external pressure, is flawed in the way that euthanasia does not build up pressure but on the contrary decreases it. Now you might be questioning yourself as to why euthanasia is still illegal? The main reason for this is because death is always associated with negativity and therefore seen as being bad. Somewhere deep inside every single human, there is voice that just says no to euthanasia; and that judgement will remain there until we have come to accept death as a part of the life cycle. I, like many others was against legalizing euthanasia, but as I started gradually accepting death as a part of the life cycle I came to change my mind. Picture yourself with a disease that is so terrible, that you suffer excruciating pain in every limb of your body, every hour of the day you are awake. Picture yourself without the sense of smell, taste and vision. Picture yourself as Chantal S�bire. On March the 18th 2008, Chantal's case was lost; the judge showed sympathy but the French laws were clear on the prohibitation of the use of euthanasia. On March the 19th 2008, Chantal S�bire was found dead in her apartment. ...read more.

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