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SHOULD SEPTEMBER 11TH BECOME A NATIONAL HOLIDAY? Such an immense tragedy should not be made into a national holiday. I think it is important that we always remember the events that occurred on September 11th 2001; however, we can do that without a day off from work and school. I would be afraid that if it was made into a national holiday stores would start taking advantage of it (having sales), and people would soon forget the meaning behind the day. A national moment of silence, lowering of the flags, and such may be appropriate, but not a national holiday. ...read more.


Not to get off topic, but just as the holiday Christmas and Easter have been commercially demoralized, the potential for 9/11 to come upon the same fate is inevitable if made into a national holiday. People have all ready used 9/11 as a commercial device; it's been in the news for all the wrong reasons since it has occurred. I do not think many people would be happy if Macy's or SEARS would have a slogan saying, "Please come out for our 9/11 sale! The prices have fallen just for this day!" ...read more.


I think not, they will be proud of the great affects they have had, and they will be honored that we are all taking a day off for their actions. It would show that we are weak and spoiled in a scene to have to make such a day to relax and take time off from work and school. By going to school and having special lessons and procedures to remind us of this day in a way that does justice to those lost and hurt on that day, we would be giving very great respect and loyalty to our nation. ...read more.

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