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Show examples of how Christians are persecuted today.

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Show examples of how Christians are persecuted today If Christians are being persecuted today they should follow Jesus' example. They should do this because he is an example of a Christian being persecuted he has gone through what they have gone through. So they should do what Jesus did. Also Christians do what Jesus did because he is God. Examples of what they could do because Jesus has done it (tried and tested method) ...read more.


Jesus did not react to this to this so Christians should not react either and they will be rewarded for there persistence and faith for not giving in. He was cruelly treated and put to death all the way through he was mocked and cruelly abused all the way to his death on the cross The way Jesus react to this is that he did not he suffered in silence. ...read more.


He has risen." The implications are that he will enjoy eternal life in heaven as a reward (this is what he teaches). Another reason why Christians should follow Jesus is he prayed for his persecutors. He does not want them punished because they did not no what they where doing. This is what Christians should do, not blame people for what they don't understand other wise you will be just as bad. They should do this because if you fight back you will be hated and persecuted. ...read more.

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