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Social Facts: Marriage and Family

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Social Facts: Marriage and Family * More couples now live together. * Fewer people are getting married. * More marriages end in divorce. * This many be because; 1. It is cheaper to divorce 2. Women less prepared to put up with bad treatment from husbands The rise in the number of divorces means that there are many more one-parent families. CHRISTIAN: Sex outside Marriage * Most Christians believe that sex should only happen in marriage so sex outside marriage is wrong. They believe this because; 1. Bible teaches fornication is wrong, Christians believe fornication is sex before marriage. * Some Prod's believe sex before marriage is all right as long as; * Couple love each other. ...read more.


The purposes of Christian marriage are; * To live together in love. * To have lawful sex. * To have comfort and companionship. * To have children. * To create Christian family. Main features of wedding are; * Exchanging of vows * Exchanging of ring. * Prayers, Bible readings on marriage and talk on duties of marriage. Christian marriage is for life 'to love and to cherish in sickness and health till death do us part' MUSLIM: Marriage MUSLIMS EXPECTED TO MARRY BECAUSE MUHAMMAD DID. The purposes for them to marry are to; * Follow the example of Muhammad. * Share a life of love. * Have children and bring them up as good Muslims. ...read more.


* They believe this because; 1. Jesus prepared to forgive sins if people determined to live a new life. 2. Jesus allows divorce for adultery. MUSLIM: Divorce * Divorce legal. * But there has to be period where couple try to restore marriage before it is final. This is because; 1. Marriage is a contract 2. Qur'an allows divorce However there a few divorces because; * Muhammad said he hated divorce. * Islam thinks divorce is a bad thing and breaks up families. CHRISTIAN: Family Life All Christians believe that all children should be brought up in a family. New T and Church teaches that; * Parents should love their children. * Parents should set a good Christian example. * Parents should encourage their children to go to Church and be baptised. * Children should obey and respect their parents. ...read more.

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