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Social issues in The United Kingdom.

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Clair Leask Social Issues In The United Kingdom Study Theme 5 : Income And Wealth In The United Kingdom Assessment 2 Decision Making Exercise Memo To : The Inverdee Council Memo From : Clair Leask Recommendation : I recommend that the Inverdee Council should not introduce a 'Positive Discrimination Policy'. I feel that all discrimination is negative and it is always wrong to select employees on any basis other than merit and ability. However, applicants from minority backgrounds have frequently had to surpass many more obstacles and difficulties than applicants from the majority, such as poor schooling and poor training. Therefore some may feel that positive discrimination levels the playing field. But still, positive discrimination leads to able applicants being unfairly passed over. This means that for some groups, positive discrimination, means reverse discrimination (source B). ...read more.


Minority applicants who were successful would become role models for future generations. This would be good for the minority and good for the economic welfare of the country since it would facilitate the development of bright, able youngsters from minority backgrounds. However, minorities themselves see positive discrimination as being condescending. It is rarely advocated by the minorities themselves but almost always by the majority out of a misguided sense of guilt. It could cause resentment in those who were passed over and this would be directed against those who were accepted. By bringing more minority applicants into the workplace, in an environment in which everyone works as part of a team, we can help alleviate such bigoted attitudes. This though may cause more divisions in the workplace. Another of our cultural ideals is that our society should be a meritocracy, in which the only criterion for selection is ability. ...read more.


Although I do not agree that the whole of the proposed 'Positive Discrimination Policy' should be introduced, I do feel that certain aspects of the policy would be beneficial if implemented. The 'Equal Access Policy' would provide opportunities for ethnic minorities who are not fluent in English a chance to read employment advertisements in their own language. This would only be feasible, however when advertising jobs which do not require fluency in English (source A2). In conclusion to my report I recommend that the proposed 'Positive Discrimination Policy' should not be implemented as I feel that having taken into consideration the arguments produced that any problems created outweigh any benefits gained (source B), but that the aspect of the 'Equal Access Policy' be introduced, as it would open up another field of opportunities for ethnic minorities. Clair Leask Chairperson of Inverdee Council's Policy and Staffing Committee Clair Leask 1 ...read more.

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