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"Society in 2005 wants to re-introduce the death penalty in prisons

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"Society in 2005 wants to re-introduce the death penalty in prisons." In this piece of work I will be exploring the death penalty to discover the public's opinion on the death penalty in 2005. I will be researching students of 2005's opinions on the death penalty returning in the UK's prison punishment system. I will look for examples both supporting the death penalty being re-introduced or not supporting it being re-introduced. I used my title to see if people agree or disagree with the hypothesis. I will use my title as a basis to public opinion on the death penalty being re-introduced. The various reasons for punishment in prison are based on five main theories developed within the punishment system; these are protection, retribution, deterrence, reform and vindication. Each of them have their own different effect upon those being punished. For example: 1. Protection- Punishment is to protect society by removing those in danger or removing the danger from society. For example one would be imprisonment. 2. Retribution- Equal punishment to crime committed. (An eye for an eye.) 3. Deterrence- Punishment to make the convicted see the error of their ways by committing crimes, hopefully the deterrence will stop those who had committed crimes from doing so again. ...read more.


My research of the current generation of 2005 provides the result that many people of the 2005-generation in society today support the hypothesis "Society in 2005 wants to re-introduce the death penalty in prisons." This is shown in the three result charts above which identify that it is mainly the younger generation supporting the re-introduction of the death penalty. The arguments for or against the death penalty are shown in this survey as the survey shows how many are for or against the re-introduction of the death penalty and how they view the death penalty being used for example the different crimes it should be a punishment for and the ways of performing the death penalty. The case supporting capital punishment and the death penalty would be for the reasons that people would learn not to commit crimes in fear of death and effectively crime would be reduced due to fear of the death penalty becoming inflicted upon them. Also death penalty as a punishment in public prisons would make public safer for everyone knowing that those committing the crimes are dead instead of just imprisoned waiting to get out. ...read more.


I could of researched the subject more and found more examples of for and against the death penalty. Also I could of asked more people and set them into age groups for each answer so the results would be more specific to the reader. The results weren't very precise and were confusing as only 119 people took the questionnaire but there were more answers to some questions then the 119 that took the questionnaire. Also to improve my investigation into the death penalty I could of given more examples of people's opinions and more examples of the methods used and the effects of the death penalty on the economy. If I were to re-do my investigation the main things I would change in the ways in which I approached it would be editing my questionnaire to make it more accurate to answer the hypothesis and also so the results show a more precise analysis of age range's views on the re-introduction of the death penalty. I would also investigate the subject as a whole more and discover more about the death penalty in recent years and different countries, and finally I would expand my examples of for and against the death penalty by investigating more areas of the subject and real stories from previous years. Victoria Matthews. 1492 Words. ...read more.

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