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Some Christians believe that human life is sacred. Explain how this belief influences their attitude to abortion and euthanasia, showing that you understand other points of view

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Some Christians believe that human life is sacred. Explain how this belief influences their attitude to abortion and euthanasia, showing that you understand other points of view It is a fact that some Christians consider life to be sacred. They believe that God created life and only God has the power to take it away. This tints their vision on such issues as abortion and euthanasia. Strict Christians would be against abortion and euthanasia for many reasons, which I will explain fully in this essay. Others are less strong in their views about life and death and therefore would find certain forms if not all abortion and euthanasia acceptable. I will also explain fully their views on both issues. There are many quotes in the bible that although are not directly aimed at abortion and euthanasia can be used against both actions. Probably the most common quote used is in the Genesis Creation story where God created life. The point being made is that if God created life then it should be sacred and none of us have the power to take it away. God created us in his image and to destroy that image would be to destroy God himself. ...read more.


In this case it is the lesser of two evils. The Church of England also considers abortion to be an evil and the destroying of God's image. If the Mother is in danger though than the abortion procedure would be understood. The Methodist Church also believes that the foetus is created in God's image and believes that abortion is sin. The Methodist Church though also allow abortion if the mother's life is in danger. The Methodist Church are less restricting than other churches and see abortion as acceptable if the child would be abnormally born or if the child would be brought up in poverty. Finally the Baptist Church has divided beliefs on abortion but they believe that life starts at conception. They however understand other opinions and respect the wishes of the Mother. There are groups against abortion such as SPUC and LIFE who both believe abortion to be wrong and argue publicly against the procedure. While SPUC are trying to change the laws and try to make abortions made illegal they are probably more likely to try and make abortion only available early in pregnancy and only to people who need it for viable reasons. ...read more.


They see the issues among practical staff who would be carrying out the operation. The Quaker movement are undecided... on most things, they do however make a distinction between someone being killed and being left to die. The VES however are a group that campaign to legalise euthanasia and their points of view are mirrored by many who agree with certain forms of euthanasia if not all. Arguments for include that we should be allowed to choose how we die and should be able to prevent a painful death. Euthanasia may also take the fear away from some patients because a painful death is as bad as the fear of death itself. For these reasons there is a strong campaign to allow euthanasia in this country but at the moment Holland is the only European country where voluntary euthanasia is carried out. In conclusion there are people who believe abortion and abortion to be forms of murder and for this reason alone would want the actions to be made or kept illegal. The Catholic Church has a strict view on both and accepts both under very few circumstances while other churches are slightly more lenient. Other people believe in the power in free will and the right to control their own body. For them there is the campaign to legalise euthanasia and keep abortion available for many. ...read more.

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