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St. Michael the Archangel

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"St. Michael the Archangel" For my saint, I picked Saint Michael the Archangel. I picked St. Michael because Michael is my middle name. Saint Michael is a name meaning "He who is like God" in Hebrew. He is said to be placed over all the angels. He is the Patron Saint of soldiers, security guards, and sick people. ...read more.


Saint Michael is one of the principal angels. In Latin, the word "Angel" means messenger, such as a divine or spirit messenger, which was used to describe St. Michael. There are four places in the Bible where St. Michael is found. The first is in the book of Daniel. Michael is said to comfort Daniel after he has had a vision and promises to be his helper in all things. ...read more.


Michael was said to be Israel's support during Babylonian captivity. Then third is in the New Testament, where Michael is said to have argued with the devil over the body of Moses. The fourth, John tells about the great battle in Heaven, where Lucifer and his demons go against God. Michael is said to have led God's angels and defeats the demons and evil spirits and drive them away. Saint Michael has a memorial on September 29th and May 8th. ...read more.

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