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Summary On Descartes Meditation

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Summary On Descartes Meditation The First Meditation: Rene Descartes starts with that he has often found himself to be mistaken with things which used to be certain, and that we should doubt everything. Because everything is dubitable. In the first meditation he will try to rebuild his thoughts and start over again with thinking and knowing. The first thing he starts to question is senses, and why we should not believe in them. He believes that we can never be 100% sure of something because or senses can deceive us, ex. ...read more.


that we open our eyes, shake our head, extend our hands, and so on, are but false delusions; and let us reflect that possibly neither our hands nor our whole body are such as they appear to us to be. At the same time we must at least confess that the things which are represented to us in sleep are like painted representations which can only have been formed as the counterparts of something real and true,..." Here Descartes talks about that although we might be dreaming, we dream about things which we sense, ex. ...read more.


that 2+3 will always be 5 and that a square will always have 6 sides and so on. Descartes also talks about God and his belief in God, the greatest of us all, he talks about that there might be a chance that God hasn't brought up heaven, earth etc, that it may all be just an illusion of the mind, but then why would the all mighty deceive the meditatior, he then is sure that God exist and that because of his goodness he will not deceive the meditator all the time. He then says that those who do not believe in God are those who are deceived by demons and that they don't think clearly. By: Larissa Khudur ...read more.

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