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Surrogacy, an evaluation of it’s place in today’s society.

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SURROGACY, AN EVALUATION OF IT'S PLACE IN TODAY'S SOCIETY. The decision of one women to offer her body as a 'host' for another woman's baby or even possibly to allow her own eggs to be fertilised by another woman's husband and then pass it over after carrying it for nine months, is a tough decision and one not many could make. This essay will examine the 'for' and 'against of this emotive subject. Some women go through fertility testing only to find they have a major health problem such as endometriosis, blocked tubes, mal-formed womb, were born without any eggs, have had an early hysterectomy or have polysistic ovaries. After having experience of infertility and its possible solutions, most 'would- be' mothers embrace any kind of help offered to them. ...read more.


If the woman's problem is endometriosis then there is a possibility of controlling the problem long enough for her to conceive and carry the pregnancy to term, however 30 -40% of sufferers will remain infertile. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopaedia online (2003.), these couples join the ranks of those needing outside help. An abnormally shaped uterus, often called T -shaped, or a cervix which is hostile to sperm are just two of the conditions that add to the list that IVF cannot be used to help and these are examples of the occasions when surrogacy can be the only answer. There are two types of surrogacy, gestational, when the egg from the 'mother' is fertilised by the sperm from the 'father' and the resulting embryo implanted in the surrogate's womb and non-gestational where the surrogate is artificially inseminated with the 'father's' sperm. ...read more.


Although the surrogate mother was not awarded custody in this case, she was granted visitation rights. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopaedia online (2003). Surrogacy is legal in this country but payment of a fee is not, keeping the moral high ground on not buying and selling babies whilst allowing couples to accept help from friends and family. The law says that you can meet any reasonable expenses incurred by the surrogate but not allow her to make a profit on the arrangement. This only becomes a problem when the surrogate has to take unpaid time off from work and the couple don't want her to be financially out of pocket. In conclusion, the point of laws is to ensure that a woman cannot set up a 'business' producing and retailing babies and this has to remain for Britain not to become a country that trades in human life. ...read more.

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