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Suspense Story - The sun rose over the little town of Glandhill.

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13/10/03 Suspense Story The sun rose over the little town of Glandhill. The church tower struck seven and far away you could see the farmer setting to work on the fields. It seemed like the perfect town, but all was not well in Glandhill. Only last night 36 year old Brian Fuller was found dangling by his intestines from a lamp post, a pool of congealing blood blood underneath him. The police said that the killer must have been a professional, a doctor or a surgeon as the incisions into the man's flesh had been done very accurately and with a very sharp object, most likely a scalpel. A week had gone by, everything had nearly settled down, there had been a cremation and the family had got on with their lives.The whole town has held a minute of silence in respect of Brian Fuller. The police had brought in a man but they had little evidince and that that they had was circumstantial. ...read more.


And the police couldnt do anything about it. By this time most people had moved out, there were only 6 shops out of 25 that were still open on the main road and most of the people had not even bothered to board up, just leave, some without even shutting the door. The next day the killer made a slip up, his first. His plan was to go in and cut out the security guards tounge and play with him, tell him he wouldnt kill him, then kill him, go home and take his antidepressants. But he wasn't the only security guard, security had been tightened at the plant. So he got out of his ambulance, still in his paramedic clothes and went over to the guard. He used his 5 years experince as a surgeon and immobilise him by hitting him in the kidney with his bat. He then dragged the guy to the ambulance and just as he was getting in the door, he saw a man, another guard. ...read more.


He wanted to make world news with his death. So he bought some petrol, a home made bomb and a skisuit. He had a bath in petrol and then strapped the bomb to himself. He put the skisuit ontop of the bomb and climbed the church tower in the village with a megaphone. He kept shouting and a big crowd gathered. Soon the police arrived but he said he would only come down if they shot him. He wasnt going away. The police then said they would shoot him so he thaught that he would hurry the plan up a bit. He confessed through the megaphone and then ripped the skisuit off to exopse his naked body with a bomb strapped to it. A wave of screams went through the audience - A death with Allen Denahee he chuckled, he then lit a match, set himself on fire and jumped, about half way down he pushed a button on the bomb and fiery limbs showered the audience. He diddnt even feel any pain, it was all over in an instant, he was dead. He diddnt see the light at the end of the tunnel. He just saw flames then everything went black. ...read more.

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