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Q: EXPLAIN SOME OF THE DIFFERENT SYMBOLS USED IN CHRISTIANITY Within Christianity there are a wide range of symbols which represent what is believed. Christian buildings are themselves symbolic, as are the things inside of them. Similarly, Christians use colour and music for different occasions to symbolise different things. All of these aspects of Christianity can be different in size and style (modern or traditional) depending on which denomination is being represented. In terms of Christian buildings, the architecture and design is often symbolic. There are three main types of buildings; cathedrals, orthodox churches and free churches. Cathedrals are usually large and this demonstrates their importance. They were historically built at the centre of the community to represent God's kingship on Earth. Inside cathedrals and parish churches, the altar is the focus of attention as this is where the main act of worship takes place. ...read more.


The font is usually near the entrance of the church and symbolises people entering the Christian faith. It is where people are baptised with water and water symbolises the washing away of original sin as well as cleansing and replenishing. Inside orthodox churches, there are often a range of icons, statues and stained glass windows - all of which are symbolic. Icons are paintings (mostly of saints) and are often greeted by worshippers with a kiss on entering the building. They are used to represent the presence of saints and as a means to pray. Inside large cathedrals and churches, there are often colourful murals or frescoes and beautiful stained glass windows depicting biblical stories. For centuries the finest work of leading artists was made for churches - all to offer to God the highest expression of worship (ie the artists hard labour) ...read more.


Hymns have been part of Christian worship for many centuries and the words are often taken from passages of scripture. In protestant churches, choirs have an important role in giving leadership to singing. In Christianity, there are many different types of musical instruments that are used in worship form organs to brass instruments and guitars. The music used in Christian worship can be solemn and dignified or loud and lively depending upon the type of church and the occasion. The type of instrument and mood of music is often symbolic of celebration or sadness. Symbolism plays a vital part in religious expression. Christian beliefs are commonly expressed through worship in ritual form (for example baptism) and that is also a kind of symbolism. In Christianity, ICTHUS is an old symbol, it symbolises Jesus (I), Christ(C), Gold (H), Son (TH), Saviour (US). Similarly, Alpha Omega symbolises Jesus being everlasting and reminds Christians of Jesus' presence at the beginning of time. ?? ?? ?? ?? DOMINC BAMBER ...read more.

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