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Teachings of Discipleship Put Into Action - Part 2

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Harriet Poynter 10 Stone Re Coursework Teachings of Discipleship Put Into Action - Part 2 The teachings I explained in part 1 affect the life of a Christian in many ways. The 3 teachings I chose to explain how they are put into action are:- * You only need to be an ordinary person * Discipleship requires sacrifices * Discipleship requires you to put others before yourself Christians today obey the commission which Jesus gave to the apostles. Some people in today's society feel they have a vocation to serve God in a particular way, through: preaching, missionary work, fighting injustice and healing ministry. In this essay I have chosen to demonstrate how Christian's today put the teachings into action by using Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King as an examples to help explain this. According to Mark's Gospel, you only need to be an ordinary person for Discipleship. ...read more.


He was a man who should up for racial equality even though he was an ordinary person. Mark's Gospel also teaches that discipleship requires Sacrifices. This is shown in Mark 12: 41- 44 when the widow gives all she has to live on to the church treasury:- "She gave all she had to live on." Discipleship requires you to give up everything you own even your family, friends and possessions because to be a disciple you don't need possessions. Mother Teresa puts this into action because she gave up everything to become a missionary nun. All she owned was a white sari with a blue stripes because this was all she needed to obey Jesus' commission. Money is not needed to obey Jesus' commission. Mother Teresa once said, "Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God - the rest will be given." ...read more.


Martin Luther King also put others before himself because he fought for civil rights for everybody not just himself even though he got arrested 30 times for this. After I have explained my three chosen teachings and shown how modern disciples put them into action, I have learnt that for discipleship there are many teachings that are required to follow for discipleship and Modern day disciples do this in many different ways. Some people decide to devote their whole life in serving God (Mother Teresa) and others help in small sometimes unnoticeable ways. Mother Teresa once said was, "In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love." What she means is that we are not expected to go to extremes and cure world hunger for example. She means that we can do small things to help people in need for example donating money for charity. In conclusion, Mark's Gospel demonstrates how to put the teachings into action today which many people already do in their everyday lives. ...read more.

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