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Team Nicaragua Journal, July 7-18, 2005

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Team Nicaragua Journal, July 7-18, 2005 As Told in the words of Carolyn Williams, Team Journalist Wednesday, July 6, 2005 It is youth group tonight, the last night before the big mission. The day that we've been waiting for, for about five months, has finally come. We're all packed, we're all vaccinated, we're all mentally prepared and physically ready. Pastor Sean's message is appropriately titled "Go," talking about going on missions. The whole world is a mission field, not just foreign countries. All nations need to be reached, and every Christian needs to participate in missions, because we are all called to missions. Christ was the first missionary, and we are all followers of Christ. If the lost don't know about Christ, how can they receive him? How can the name of CocaCola be more famous than the name of Jesus? God's perfect will is for the whole world to know Jesus Christ and come to repentance. Romans 10:15: "How can they preach unless they are sent?" Missionaries need the funds to go, so we also need to give to Speed the Light, and make small sacrifices so missionaries can go farther and your gifts can save people. We all have the ability to go into the mission field, even at home just spreading the gospel wherever you may go. Every team member is at this youth service, and we are preparing for anything that may happen this comingweek and a half. None of us knows what to expect, but God is going to be with us, and that's all we need to know. We're fired up for Christ, and ready to tell everyone about Him in Nicaragua! Pastor Sean had the team come up and receive their T-shirts. He asked Jim Mueller to lead prayer for us. The youth prayed for God's protection over us, and that people will find out about Jesus through us. ...read more.


A lot of us woke up to the bright sun in the window, and kids staring and laughing at us. We went to a small last-minute church service in a place called Capricho, and we presented the Champion for them. I spoke with Robert Rickett before we went. C- So Robert, how are you doing? R- I'm good. C- How's the trip been so far for you? R- A lot of fun. I like it in Kukra Hill, it's very nice, a lot of cool little kids, it's nice and warm. C- It's nice and warm? So you're one of the only people who likes the heat. Why do you like heat so much? R- I like heat, just not humidity. Humidity gets to me, but I like the dry heat, because it's more comfortable than being super cold. I enjoy Summer. C- What do you think has been your favorite part of the trip so far? R- The ponga ride was fun, but I enjoy more communicating with the kids. Trying to learn espanol. C- So how confident do you think you are with your Spanish right now? R- Not very. They always laugh at me when I say stuff wrong. C- Do you think you'll know a lot more by the end of the trip? R- Oh yeah, a lot more. Kids are always calling me "Mucho Gordito," or "Grande Gordito." So I guess I'm, "Gordito Alto," or "Gordito Alto Fuerte," which means I'm fat and tall and strong. When we left the church in Kukra, we took a covered truck, which was not the most comfortable ride, we were very close to each other, the ride was bumpy, and the breathing air was minimal because the whole back of the truck was enclosed. But at least we got to sit down. We drove for about thirty or forty minutes, and we were just away from most civilization, when we arrived in Capricho. ...read more.


Everyone was so exhausted of waiting. We managed to get a plane a little sooner, and since it was last minute, we got two very small planes to take us all. These planes only sat twelve people at one time, so we had to take two planes. Everyone thought we were going to die. But I didn't. I thought it was fun. We arrived at a similar airport, at Corn Island. We didn't wait long to load up onto another truck, a much bigger and more spacious truck. We took a tour of the island, and ended up at a beach, where we swam for a while. Sean told us it was his favorite beach he's ever been to. Then conveniently, our ponga boat came and picked us up right on the beach. We loaded up, and set sail for Little Corn Island. This was the bumpiest and fastest ponga ride we ever rode so far. The ride was about an hour long, and some people had sore butts after we got off, because it was so bumpy! We arrived at another beach on Little Corn Island, and we walked only about 100 feet to our hotel, the Sunshine Hotel. We checked into the hotel, and we had dinner there. We met the pastor of the church there, and then we had evening service at the church. This island is very small, and we found that everything was very close together. The church was only about a five minute walk from the hotel. The service was very good. We sang "Slow Me Down." We had an altar call at the end of the service, and about eight children accepted Christ. After the service, we went back to the hotel, and went to bed in very nice rooms with good air conditioning. Thursday, July 14, 2005 Today we were planning on doing the champion for more schools on Little Corn Island. But, because of bad timing, the schools were closed during this week that we were here. ...read more.

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