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Tear Fund Project.

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Tear Fund do the work they do because they want to help people that are in need just like Jesus have been doing all those centuries ago. They help people in the poorer countries by "providing medicines, medical care or caring for patients themselves". They try to follow in Jesus' footsteps as much as they can, so when they read about Jesus helping a man suffering of a dreaded skin disease, which was probably leprosy, and how he cured him they want to do just that no matter about what they might get in return. They do it out of love, too. In those times victims of leprosy were outcasts, they were thrown out of towns and no one wanted to have anything to do with them, but Jesus reached out and touched the man. This showed courage and a lot of love, which would have taken to do what He did. This example makes it a primary example to follow. Tear Fund doesn't just use words to show that they care and think about peoples' sufferings but they also back it up by their actions. For Christians it is essential to act as well as preach about the good things, and help people in practical ways that gives an example of what other people should do and follow. ...read more.


Tear Fund encourages people that have wealth to help people that are in need. Christians try to do all these things because they feel that if Jesus gave his life for them then they should do all they can to repay him. They should give their lives for their brothers, do the most they possibly can to help the people who are less fortunate than themselves. Helping people in difficult situations goes a long way and when you are in need someone will help you like you have once done yourself. Tear Fund finds sponsors for children that are the neediest in the community. The children are usually the ones that don't even have the basics of food, clothes and healthcare. Giving is essential in Christianity. The Bible teaches that giving makes us happier than receiving. Because God has given us everything we should be expected to give all we got too. We come across a lot of needy people; they can be all over the world, near and far away. One way we can get closer to them is by sponsoring them, usually children are most common to be sponsored. A sponsor is given a child that they support by sending them money each months to help them with their education and the basics for survival. ...read more.


In order to get the heavy drilling vehicles into some villages, roads have to be built, as the trucks can't go far from the main road. Before they start to drill the men pray and after they start their job. When they hit water it comes gushing out and then a pump is inserted for the clean water to become available. If there isn't enough clean water for everybody, problems could arise. The wealthier people might try to control the water supply and deprive poorer people of water. Another problem could be that the well is too far away and the children and young parents are getting too exhausted because of the walk they have to make there and back. There have been a few incidents concerning these exact problems. A girl called Munjula had to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning just to get enough water to do her daily jobs Tearcraft is a magazine with all the works of the Third world country's people. The aim is not just to sell the products but supply jobs for the people that can't find anywhere they are. This is usually for the skilled craftsmen and women that make things like carpets etc. Tearcraft supports a range of small cottage industries by marketing their products in the U.K. the groups that produce the crafts are linked with the church, ensuring that the workers get a fair wage as well as the distributors. Done By Diana Rough 11L1 ...read more.

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