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'Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world'

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'Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world' I think that this statement could be seen as both true and false. Some television presenters and directors do present religious leaders as stereotypes; meaning that they appear out of touch and old-fashioned. I do, however, appreciate that the directors sometimes have to make a character appear out of touch for them to fulfil their part. The modern world is the world we live in today. Religion is not as much of an issue as it once was, about forty years ago. Television often mocks the seriousness of religious people, and they are portrayed as old-fashioned, and incapable of understanding the things that happen in the news and such moral issues as terrorism. ...read more.


Religious people are also featured in scandalous storylines, featuring them as criminals who break the law. This of course adds to the drama of the performance. One example of this is the film 'Priest', where the priest breaks the law and is moved to another parish. Directors of television programmes are not the only ones who can be accused of proving the above statement to be true. Film writers are also guilty of this. For example, in 'Priest', there were two male priests, one of which was trying to learn more about everyday society. He ended up breaking the law by having sexual intercourse with another man, and then getting caught by the police. The result of this was that he was suddenly very aware of the issue of celibacy and how much the religious community were against it. ...read more.


This is a factor causing television to make its characters 'out of touch'. These kind of people obviously don't understand the concept of religion and make their own assumptions instead of accepting people. Everyone has their own definition of fun, may it be reading, writing, gardening, going out for a drink or for a walk in the park. However, television can be praised for presenting religious people as being just as in touch with the modern world as non-religious people. Magazine programs such as the Heaven and Earth show, use lively and young presenters. Religious programmes are a vital source of worship for both young and old people. In my opinion, I think that television presents most religious people as out of touch with the modern world. I think it treats religion as a thing of the past and there are not enough religious programs on television today. ...read more.

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