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"Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world". Do you agree? Give reasons.

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Section B - Religion & the Media Coursework "Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world". Do you agree? Give reasons. The recent series of the BBC2 show, Coupling, presented an episode where a very religious Christian, James, was presented. In this episode, James was a presenter for a religious programme at a radio station, and meets Jane, who has an extremely stereotypical view on Christians. Jane is non religious herself, which is assured when she mentions that "I'm Christian too, I just happen to dress well" - which presents the typical outlook of many people nowadays, that believe Christians tend to wear 'out of fashion' clothing. James informs Jane that he is anti-premarital sex, which shocks her. Although James is religious, he is shown to be in touch with the modern world. Moreover, another programme that portrays a religious character is the Vicar of Dibley, in which Geraldine, the Vicar (played by Dawn French), is conveyed as the only normal person in Dibley. This BBC sitcom is set in a small country village called Dibley, and focuses on the characters' involvement in church activities. ...read more.


Homer is quite modernised, despite being Christian he does not wish to attend Church whereas Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders follow the stereotypical pattern of religious people. They wear 'old fashioned' clothing, and are completely pure, attending Church regularly. Homer is in touch with the modern world, whereas Flanders and Lovejoy are shown to be a little out of touch. Furthermore, Second Generation was a two part drama that aired on Channel 4, and told the story of a Muslim and Hindu family living in Britain, which contained both traditional and modern lifestyles as well as views. Heere, the youngest daughter of Mr Sharma, was engaged to a man who was not the same race or religion. She had been disowned by her father, who was a Hindu, because of her supposed act of impudence of getting engaged to Jack, a non-Hindu. Jack exclaims to Heere's father that it isn't fair to disown his daughter like that, but Mr Sharma orders them to leave. Heere is conveyed as in touch with the modern world, and although she leaves Jack, she gets together with Sam Khan, who is a Muslim. ...read more.


Although there are some characters in programmes such as the Simpsons and Second Generation that present traditional religious people, the majority of characters I have researched are in touch with the modern world despite being quite religious. Characters such as Heere from Second Generation and James from Coupling remain in touch with the modern world, even though they are religious. They tend to have a modern dress sense and are still able to live their lives almost like non-religious people would, therefore they are in touch with the modern world along with being religious. The Heaven & Earth show is evidence that many people are still religious and in touch with the modern world as well as there are many young viewers of this show and the Vicar of Dibley presents characters that live an extremely religious life but are also interested in everyday, 'modern' aspects of life such as latest television programmes, relationships and socialising, parts of these aspects that may not necessarily be considered as the 'right' way of living life according to religion. Therefore it is fairly obvious that television nowadays does not always present religious people to be out of touch with the modern world. Gul-e-Raana Afzal R.S Religion & The Media Coursework Mr Glasson ...read more.

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