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"Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world"

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RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT B "Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world" Introduction The writer is saying 'what he means' changes in moral and beliefs that have taken place. 'Out of touch with the modern world' mean religious people not believing in cohabitation (living together without being married) they are 'Out of touch with the modern world' because in this century a lot of people live together without being married. The examiner wants us to write about a TV programmes explaining why the certain character or characters are out of touch with the modern world. People who agree with the writer would argue because religious programs such as Dot Cotton in Eastenders, she is an older lady who is sometimes seen as a busy body who likes to become involved in other peoples business. ...read more.


A stereotype type of a religious person might be soon as they go to church they immediately says in their head. On TV when religious people are portrayed they have a stereotype such as Dot Cotton she goes to church and belives in god and it stats in her head, Many people believe what they see on TV is real e.g. Brian Capron who plays Richard Hillman in Coronation Street is a killer many people believe he is a real killer many soaps or TV programs are two far fetched. TV does not have a chance to not show religious people because in real life people are religious and are 'Out of touch with the modern world' and if they did not show religious situations such as 'Sex outside of marriage' or Death they would be no storylines. ...read more.


People who attend Remembrance Day ceremonies are showing their respect to those whom fought in the war. TV has to show normal religious things such as weddings, funerals and christenings as it is normal part of people's lives Coronation Street is a soap shows funerals as it is normal part of life. Down to Earth a drama shows weddings and funerals. Conclusion I think the "Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world" quote is right because many actors who are religious are shown to us that they do not agree with modern day things such as sex outside of marriage and divorce because television puts there character like that. I have understood the issue because it is true that television does make religious people with out of touch with the modern world. By the research I have done on TV programs such as soaps and dramas these show religious people as out of touch with society. Carl Shepherdson Tuesday P4 ...read more.

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