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Television and Religion - Give your response to the view that television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world.

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Television and Religion - Give your response to the view that television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world. I do not agree with this statement. At first glance, I would say that some television writers do stereotype religious leaders and people as out of touch but some on the other hand do not. There are many examples of both sides of the story from soaps to comedies and from dramas to films. I appreciate that some television writers have to make a religious person act in a certain way for the purpose of their production. It is easy for people to say that religious people are out of touch with the modern world, but what is the modern world? ...read more.


This threw him off track, but as a result, made him more in touch with modern society. An example of programmes which do not depict religious people as being out of touch is The Vicar of Dibley and Father Ted. These two programmes come under the genre of comedy, and to give them humour, the writers bring the person out of the Priest character. This is necessary in order to achieve the type of response required by the writers. Film writers are also accused of stereotyping religious people. In the film 'Priest', the writers depicted a couple of Catholic Priests, one of whom was trying to become more knowledgeable about everyday happenings in Society. This resulted in him breaking the Law of Celibacy by having a homosexual relationship with a man he met at a night-club frequented by gay persons. ...read more.


This priest therefore put society's concerns before his obligation to maintain confidentiality in confession. Many people would say that 'religious people' do not have any fun or go out to enjoy themselves. I would disagree with this statement because not everybody has the same definition of fun. To a priest, fun may be his work or a work-related topic if that is what he enjoys. The priest in the film 'Priest' went out and enjoyed himself at a gay nightclub, and as a result, almost lost everything because of his actions. I think that priests and some religious people are better suited to a different lifestyle to the rest of us. From all the evidence in my essay, I feel that I can justify concluding that the title statement is false. It is more about individual perspective about religion in the media. By Adam Taylor ...read more.

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